Anna from Ukraine Ch. 12


The farm was just a couple of kilometres away. Mona hit the gas pedal, clearly seeking to impress their newly arrived Italian friend.

“Mona! Take it easy!”

Anna shook her head and turned to Luna.

“Last summer she almost ran over one of their neighbours’ sheep. The miserable creature hasn’t been itself since. Basically, all the farm animals in the village have some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder from Mona’s reckless driving!”

Luna laughed.

“Reminds me of a guy in my class who had a crush on me. One day he was following me on his scooter, whistling and waving and doing everything to get my attention. Wanting to show off, he accelerated and ended up running into a panini stand on the pavement.”

“Well, who’d blame him?” Mona commented from the driver’s seat. “What were you wearing by the way?”

The Italian thought hard.

“One of my shortest skirts I think. It was very hot that day. I was sweating like a pig. Poor thing,” she continued, “he ended up in the hospital. He’s a good guy — bit of a Science nerd — so I came to visit him. I felt so sorry seeing him lying there all bandaged up that I went to the ladies room, took off my panties and just gave them to him. You know, to cheer him up. He clutched my panties like a mother would clutch her new-born child. He was really, really happy.”

“Luna, you are a true humanitarian!” Anna exclaimed.

“I was planning to change into another pair of panties anyway, so I thought why not.”

Mona changed geer and hit the accelerator again as they sped up the bumpy country road to the farm. Luna grabbed Anna’s arm to have something to hold on to. The Ukrainian responded by burying her nose in her Mediterranean friend’s hair. Over one year had passed since her first encounter with the young Italian, but it felt just like yesterday, the scent of Luna’s dark hair bringing back all the memories from that crazy night in Follonica. The veranda of Valentina’s bungalow, the dark mysterious sea, the night that suddenly turned to morning, the prosecco-flavoured kisses shared with an 18-year old Italian lesbian novice who was dying to give up her virginity to Anna. Only the fact that Valentina — Luna’s aunt and Anna’s lover — was sleeping in the bedroom next door held Anna back. She didn’t want to break Valentina’s heart. Then she ended up breaking it anyway, of course —

“Mona, look at the road!!!”

The redhead took a sharp turn.

“Ok, ok, I got it under control.”

“You’re gonna get us all killed one day! You DID leave those fucking drugs in the Ostkreuz appartment, right?”

“Anna, don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t smuggle amphetamine across an international border! Unless maybe I stuffed some inside your pussy last time I went down on you before we left?” the redhead laughed.

The Ukrainian was not amused.

“I really don’t know where your limits are sometimes.”

Luna, perhaps sensing that Mona’s escalating drug habits were a hot potato, intervened to change the topic.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful and hilly here. I love the pine trees.”

The Italian girl opened the window and snapped a few pictures. Anna could see the farm in the horizon.

* * *

“Oh my God!” Marianne exclaimed, “I can’t believe it. She’s even hotter than on the photos!”

Marianne being Marianne, she had been killing the time with a gin & tonic while waiting for Anna and Mona and their Italian tourist.

“What photos?” Luna asked suspiciously. “You didn’t show them the…”

Luna had sent Anna a few topless photos from a beach in her native Puglia last summer. Of course Anna had shown them to Mona right away and then Mona sent them to her cousin.

Mona — who lied for fun, it sometimes seemed — came to the rescue.

“Of course not. But one evening we were drinking vodka when reports came in that the neighbours’ nine-year old daughter’s cat got stuck in a tree. Anna left everything and ran to the rescue, fearlessly climbing the tree to fetch the panic-stricken pussycat. With her heroic act she practically stopped the little girl from committing suicide, but in her hurry she had forgotten to lock her mobile and me and Marianne, drunk as we were, just helped ourselves to her private pictures. Anna was very, very upset with us, I can assure you.”

“Oh, really?” Luna responded. “I feel so objectified now. Anyway, I’m sure there were far juicier things on that mobile than a few topless photos of me.”

“Don’t worry,” Mona continued. “We didn’t get to all the nudes of your aunt!”

“Mona!” Anna reprimanded her girlfriend. Seriously, she had explicitly told Mona not to mention Valentina. Plus, well, she had actually shown her girlfriend nudes of Luna’s aunt — it wasn’t something she was very proud of, but… things like that were just inevitable.

“No problem,” Luna laughed. “You can talk about Zia” — zia being Italian for “aunt” — “all you want, I promise I won’t freak out. After all, if it wasn’t for her I’d never made friends with Anna!”

“If Anna likes a girl, she usually draws escort london up a list of all the girl’s female relatives she wants to sleep with as well.”

God, Mona was uncontrollable tonight!

“Really?” Luna smiled. “So has she seduced your aunt as well, then?”

The answer to that question — which was probably only meant as a joke — was of course yes. Anna had indeed seduced and gone down on Britt, Mona’s aunt and Marianne’s mother. Luna was the only girl present not to know that, and Anna preferred things to stay that way, at least for now.

“She is thinking about Marianne,” the Ukrainian rushed to intervene. “Marianne!”

“Yeah, you two are cousins, right?”

“Cousins with benefits!” Marianne smiled and gave Mona a big wet kiss on her lips.

“I know it’s pervy,” Mona continued, “but we grew up here in hillbilly country and what else were we supposed to do all day? Get cow tattoos on our titties?”

“Well, I heard stories that you were up to quite a lot of mischief outside of the bedroom as well,” Anna said.

“Like the time Mona and I and our friend Tommy went to one of the neighbouring farms in the middle of the night and Mona anf Tommy cut upen the fence, expecting the cattle to flee,” Marianne recounted.

“And the fucking moronic creatures just stood there!” the freckled Norwegian exclaimed. “I expected them to embrace freedom, and they just stood there chewing grass and staring at the big hole in the fence like it was a renaissance painting or something. It dawned on me in that moment that cows are very similar to people,” she added philosophically.

“But what had the people on that farm done to you?” Luna wanted to know.

Marianne willingly explained.

“When Mona was in her early teens, she had short hair and loved competing with the guys in table tennis and listened to Led Zeppelin and Alice in Chains and stuff like that. Plus she hated girly activites like putting on makeup and chatting about boys and the rest. So all in all she came across as a little tomboyish.” She paused to draw her breath. “Then one day we walked over to their farm to get eggs or something and the lady of the house was sitting on the porch eating meatballs and knitting and you know what that fat cunt said when she saw us?”

“So nice of you to bring your brother, Marianne!” Mona laughed. “That’s what she said. What a cunt, I really hated her for that.”

Marianne patted her cousin on the head.

“Poor Mona, how could they be so mean to you?”

“I guess it didn’t help that I had no tits,” Mona added. “Not that I have developed a pair of prize-winning udders since then.”

With her very small breasts and lack of feminine curves, Mona might have a somewhat boyish body, but since her early teenage years, she had let her hair grow and would even apply a little makeup on special occasions. When Mona wanted she could be as feminine as anyone, Anna thought.

Marianne grabbed her cousin’s tiny breasts from behind.

“Stop diminishing your tits. They are mega-kissable and super-nice to touch. Plus unlike mine they will not start sagging in ten years or less!”

Mona put her hands on top of her cousin’s and purred with contentment.

“They might be small but they are extra sensitive.”

Marianne licked Mona’s earlobe.

“Mona thinks her breasts are too small, I think mine are too big. But no argument can be had about the flawlessness of the two foreign pairs of breasts in the room. Right, cuz?”

Mona nodded.

“Fuck yeah. Anna’s breasts are fucking legendary.” She looked over at Luna. “And unless those beach pictures were photoshopped or something…”

Luna put her hands on the woollen material of her sweater, just under her tits, like she was holding them up and inspecting them.

“I guess they’re ok. I mean, I don’t have complexes or anything.”

Mona wanted to give Luna a chance to evaluate her breasts too.

“Lift up my blouse, Marianne.”

Marianne followed orders and Mona’s beautiful, perfectly circular areola and gorgeous nipples made their first appearance for the evening. Eyes wide open, Luna sighed loudly.

“Wow, those freckles are to die for!”

“Thank you,” Mona smiled and pulled her blouse back down. “Anyway, Anna told me you brought some refreshments from Italy?”

“Oh yeah!” The Italian youngster enthusiastically started emptying her backpack. “Anna told me alcohol is insanely expensive in this country. So here’s a bottle of homemade lemon liquor I stole from my parents’ stupid trattoria. My old folks are certified assholes but they make a decent limoncello. Plus I brought a couple of bottles of grappa from Veneto. Plus…”

Their generous Italian guest clearly didn’t know the first thing about Norwegian alcohol quotas.

“Look,” Luna said, having finished presenting her Italian alcohol collection, “it’s been a long journey so maybe I should just go and take a quick shower and refresh myself a little before we start the party for real.”

“Nonsense, no need to waste time on that,” dubai escorts Anna objected. “You’re perfect as you are.”

Mona wagged a warning finger as to underline Anna’s words. The Italian brunette just shrugged her shoulders.

Marianne was eyeing one of the bottles from Luna’s backpack.

“Grappa? May I?” Not waiting for an answer, she opened the bottle and poured into her empty glass. Mona whispered something in Anna’s ear. Anna stood up and took Marianne to the empty dining room.

“Mona and I have decided that you’re drinking too fast.”

“Come on, I have been so heartbroken without you here. And you’re leaving again already next Thursday. Let me celebrate. What do I have to lose?”

“I’ll show you what you have to lose.”

Anna produced her mobile and found a photo of a beautiful blonde woman in her 30s.

“Agnieszka? My mum’s friend?”

“And lover. I thought maybe she was embarassed after the threesome with me and your mum in the cabin, because I never heard from her again. But when I wrote this morning and invited her over for tonight, she was all for it.”

“Wow, Agnieszka! Fucking hell! But does she know my mum isn’t here?”

“She knows. But anyway what does she need the mum for if the daughter is available?”

“You mean…”

Anna looked firmly into Marianne’s blue eyes.

“I want you to make love to Agnieszka. Like, you know, take her to your bedroom. She is a very sensual woman.”

“Holy cow! Well, it obviously depends on Agnieszka and her moods and -“

“Don’t worry for a second about her moods. I promise to get her in the appropriate mood myself if need be. All you need to focus on is not getting too drunk too sun. Grappa will kill you. So stick to cocktails and maybe a little limoncello, ok?”

Marianne nodded nervously, realizing what was at stake.

Back in the kitchen, Mona had positioned herself on Luna’s lap. The Italian was showing her photos on her mobile, with Mona asking typical Mona-questions.

“Oh, they are just my two cousins Lorenzo and Enrico. They are unbelievably stupid but I like them.”

“Are they members of the mafia?”

“I think Lorenzo once tried to become a member, but he failed the entry exam or something.”

“And who’s that girl?”

“Anna, remember I told you about Paola?”

Luna held up her mobile so that everyone could see the attractive brunette on the photo. Anna recognized her.

“Of course,” Anna said. “Paola is Luna’s best friend! They go way back.”

“My best friend and also, once upon a time, my first crush, back when I was, like, a virgin. Unfortunately, she’s rather straight so …. — “

“What?!” Mona was aghast. “She rejected you?!”

“Not as such. She just happens to be… — “

“She seriously had a chance to go to bed with you and she said no?! Seriously, how fucked up can one person be. Can you not get your mafia cousin to eliminate her?”


“Yeah, just fucking make her disappear or something. Isn’t that how you settle things in Calabria?”

“Puglia!” Anna corrected her girlfriend.

“Mona,” Luna replied. “I appreciate your concern and your yearning for justice, but I am really over her. How can I not be, with you on my lap?”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say,” Mona smiled, and gently caressed Luna’s cheek with her hand.

“Can I just say something?”

Everybody looked in Anna’s direction.

“Can I just say that the two of you look absolutely fucking criminally hot together?”

“Hell yeah,” Marianne sighed. “I wanted to say that too. Mona with her pale skin and freckles and super-red hair and grey eyes and then Luna with her black hair and olive complexion and… “

“And those legendary eyes that Anna told us so much about,” Mona interrupted.

“What… what about my eyes?”

Mimicking Anna’s Slavic accent, the two Norwegian cousins said out loud in unison:

“And she had the blackest eyes I have ever seen.”

Luna smiled, enjoying the attention.

“Yeah I know, it’s the Sicilian roots on my father’s side. They all look like Arabs in his native village.”

“Can you show me those eyes again?”

The redhead cupped Luna’s chin and turned her head so that they were looking straight at each other.

Mona sighed.

“I understand why Anna couldn’t stop talking about them.”

“She couldn’t?” Luna said, licking her lips. Anna loved the Southerner’s attitude. Luna so obviously loved being the centre of everybody’s attention. Attention and, increasingly, desire.

“Because they’re so fucking hypnotizingly hot,” Mona confessed. “I am getting seriously hypnotized by them right now, you know that?”

“Ok, if you say so, what if I hypnotize you into kissing me then?”

“Fuck hell yeah.”

Mona opened her mouth and her tongue slid inside the Italian teenager’s lips. It was a deeply sensual but not very subtle kiss — like, practically all of Mona’s tongue was inside Luna’s mouth within a second! But it was a kiss that left their young Mediterranean guest in Escort Dubai no doubt: Mona wanted her badly.

Anna was getting hot watching them.

“Give my girlfriend some of that sweet tongue of yours,” Anna encouraged. That was not an easy task — Mona was probably the most aggressive kisser Anna had ever met. But the young Italian was nothing if not a fighter. She pushed back Mona’s tongue and forced her way into the redhead’s mouth. Anna loved the youngster’s determination. When Mona’s hands started wandering all over her upper body, Luna put her arms behind her head to make her breasts more accessible. There was no fake timidity — Luna sent a clear signal to everyone present that she was not going to deny any of the girls access to her young body.

Anna looked across the table at Marianne. The Norwegian blonde was biting her finger and looked like she too was about to explode soon. The Ukrainian sighed audibly and slid her fingers just underneath the top of her panties.

Her fingers were just making contact with her pubic hair when she received an sms signal on her mobile.

“Hi again, on my way. Sure you still want me to come, I don’t wanna gate-crash you and your friends’ home-alone party. Kisses, Agnieszka.”

“COME!!!!!!!!! We want u here. Luna has grappa and limoncello!”

It was painful, but Anna had to leave the sizzling spectacle for a minute. She was the one who had invited both Luna and now Agnieszka and she felt the weight of the hostess duties. Task one, music! She walked over to the turntable and put on an exquisite album from the 1970s that Valentina had given her, “Figli delle stelle”. Task two, why hadn’t those useless cousins put snacks and fruit on the table? Well, because their deranged minds could think of nothing but Italian pussy, that’s why. Task three… gave itself, because the Ukrainian could hear the sound of an engine approaching. She ran out on the farmyard and waived at the arriving car.

Anna had often asked herself if she had been hallucinating about that night in the cabin with Aunt Britt and Agnieszka. It all felt so unreal! But yeah, that was her all right. Not in her ski suit on the frozen lake this time. Not in her birthday suit on the floor eating pussy either — at least not yet. She was wearing a white knee-length minidress with short sleeves and an elegant off-white blazer on top. Her make-up looked immaculate too. How she did it, Anna didn’t know, because she said she was coming straight from work. Marianne had told Anna she couldn’t remember a single occasion when Agnieszka didn’t look fabulous. Now 38 and mother of two, Agnieszka was clearly as determined to turn heads as she had ever been.

Anna greeteed her.

“The return of the slalom queen!”

The blonde woman laughed.

“Don’t remind me, my legs and back were aching for days afterwards.”

“And your tongue wasn’t?” Anna felt like asking, but instead she gave the latest guest some practical information. “So as you know your best friend Aunt Britt won’t be here today?”

“Yeah I know, I just got an sms from her actually, they have arrived in Copenhagen.”

“Now, I know how much you like Aunt Britt…”

Anna made an artificial pause. She wanted to tease the gorgeous Polish creature, who, not having had any drinks yet, was still tense.

“Right?” Anna persisted. “It’s perfectly okay to like Aunt Britt.”

“She is one of my best friends,” Agnieszka replied somewhat evasively.

“I adore her too so her absence is a big blow to us all. However, by way of consolation…”

Anna grabbed Agnieszka’s hand and led her inside. Mona and Luna were busy making out and lost in their own world. But Marianne was waiving at the newcomer.

“By way of consolation I would like to offer you Marianne, Britt’s daughter.”

Anna waived back at the blonde Norwegian and signalled for her to come.

“You know Marianne, right?”

Mona’s blonde cousin was smiling from ear to ear and gave the Polish 38-year old a big hug.

“Agnieszka, so cool to have you here!”

The attractive Polish woman, still without a drink, seemed a bundle of confusion, looking from side to side.

“Agnieszka, wake up, it’s me! Marianne, Britt’s little daughter! You don’t recognize me in this dress?”

Marianne was wearing a loose summery dress with big red polka dots. Together with her long flowing blonde hair and sparse make-up it gave her an alluring flower-power, late 60s look. Yes, the Polish 38-year old could easily be forgiven for believing she had died and gone to lesbian heaven where blonde sirens run around naked on meadows.

“Yes, Agnieszka,” Anna continued. “This is Britt’s daughter. Your best friend’s daughter. You surely must recognize her, no?”

Marianne smiled and did a little pirouette in front of the perplexed Polish woman.

“I — I do recognize her.”

“So what is it then?” Anna wondered. “I was certain you’d like her. I mean, I have seen with my own eyes how much you like her mum. So why wouldn’t you like a younger version too? But now I don’t know any more. You look so bewildered.” Anna scratched her head. “Maybe you don’t like her after all?”

Marianne put up a sad face.

“No, no, I — I — I do like her,” Agnieszka reassured. “She is very… nice.”