Uncle Bob Ch. 11


Mom’s Ass

Note to readers: Thanks for sticking with Bob & Stacey’s story so far. I really am working on concluding it this year, and I think there are maybe five more chapters to go. I’m working simultaneously on two of them, so I hope to have them out here before too long.

Thanks also for all the feedback. One person said that Stacey sounds as if she’s fourteen, which wouldn’t be appropriate. (Another criticized her ‘derelict dialect’). I understand where people are coming from, and all I can say is that I based her mode of speech on the gorgeous Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless” and also on a lovely young woman who sat next to me on a flight from London to LA about 12 years ago, and spoke exactly as Stacey does. I also know some teens (socially, not sexually) who still speak like that. But if it still sounds a little ‘false,’ please just suspend disbelief. I’ve grown very fond of Stacey over the years, and her mode of speech and her inter-play with Bob have been fun to write and to read back. I hope you feel the same.


I hate airports. There was a time when they felt exciting; gateways to exotic places. But American airports, especially the domestic terminals, all seem like bus depots now. They’re skuzzy, unattractive hell-holes full of seemingly skuzzy, unattractive people, and these days, when I’m not travelling on business, it feels like I only go there to say goodbye to someone.

This visit was particularly hard. We’d checked Stacey’s bag in, and she’d introduced me to her friend Hannah. Under other circumstances, my mind would have been full of interesting scenarios where Stacey, Hannah and me would go to a motel and have some quite colorful experiences. Hannah was hot! She had lovely tanned skin, big brown eyes and impossibly long, jet-black hair. Like my Stacey, she was dressed in a tight t-shirt, cute little shorts and sneakers to travel in. Unlike Stacey, the girl needed a bra — quite a large one, I guessed. Momentarily my mind conjured up an image of the three of us, Stacey between Hannah’s legs, me straddling her, my cock sliding between those full tits and on, between her plump, soft lips and into that generous mouth…

But then I looked at Stacey, and my heart broke. My cute little princess, her hair in a sweet ponytail and her eyes shining with excitement, was leaving me for three whole weeks! It had been years since we’d been apart for that length of time, and the prospect, together with the knowledge that other guys would very probably fuck her in the meantime, was driving me insane. I hugged her close.

“Could I take a turn too?” I looked over my shoulder and there was Dolores. She was dressed in a t-shirt and tight jeans, and looked eminently fuckable, as she had just a few weeks earlier. I guess to Stacey, she just looked like her mom, but with, like, devil’s horns on.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” I could see Stacey’s expression change. She suddenly looked a little like the sulky teen I’d known just a few years ago.

“I’m here to wish my daughter a safe journey, and to say how sorry I am. You won’t return my calls or my texts, so I had to come to say goodbye and wish you a good trip. I’m your mom, Stacey. I know I screwed up big time, but I’ve looked after you all these years. Am I not allowed to screw up royally just once or twice, sweetie?” Her face looked pleading, which was a novel expression I’d not seen her use before.

Stacey looked at Dolores, and then glanced at me, as if she needed my approval to forgive her mom. I just smiled and nodded, so she put her arms around Dolores and hugged her. It was sweet and affectionate — not at all like the mother-daughter scenario I’d often thought of in my wet dreams.

“Mom, you know I still think what you did with Josh was, like, gross? But, like, you’re my mom, and I can’t be pissed with you for, like, forever. So I’m gonna think about things while I’m in Europe, and maybe we can talk when I get back. Is that cool?”

“Sure. And don’t forget that I love you, baby. Stay safe!” There were tears in Dolores’ eyes.

Stacey stepped away from her mom, turned to me and kissed me — on the lips. “Love you, Uncle Bob,” she said softly.

“I love you Stacey. Like your mom says, stay safe. Keep in touch.”

“I will. Bye”

And then she was gone, and I immediately felt the size of the Stacey-shaped hole that had opened in my life. How was I going to survive the next three weeks?

“How about a coffee?” Dolores was looking very appealing at that moment, and the idea of a coffee with her seemed pretty good.

“So what happens now?” she asked as we sat at a table in Starbucks, nursing our respective over-priced, caffeine-rich confections.

“I really don’t know,” I replied, truthfully.

“Are you pissed with me? I mean, it’s not like we were engaged or anything.”

“Well, yes, I am pissed with you. Not for me, you understand, but for Stacey. You and me, we were really london escorts only fuck-buddies. OK, we were very good, very close and very hot fuck-buddies, but that’s what we were. Stacey and Josh — well, I think they were closer. I have to admit that I never liked the self-satisfied little shit, but I don’t like to be judgmental. Stacey seemed to think the sun shone out of his ass, so it hurt her really bad to see that ass bobbing up and down between her own mother’s thighs. Not one of your best moves, Dolores, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“So where were you in all this, Bob? We couldn’t find you. Were you off somewhere, fucking one of the bridesmaids or the waitresses?”

Ooh! That shot was closer than Dolores realized. Yes, I was somewhere, fucking a bridesmaid. In fact, the Maid of Honor, her daughter, my niece. Fortunately, Dolores didn’t know that, or there would be parts of me scattered around the walls of this coffee shop. The clean-up would give Starbucks the excuse to up their prices by at least ten percent.

“Dolores, this is fundamentally about the relationship between you and your daughter. It has nothing to do with me.” Except for the fact that I had been fucking said daughter rather a lot, in various perverted ways, and indeed had been doing so just before Dolores had fucked said daughter’s boyfriend. Fuck — life isn’t fair; get over it.

“You seem to have her ear. Can’t you help put us back together again?”

Sure, I had her ear. I’d also had her pussy, her throat and her ass, on numerous occasions, and in some very inappropriate circumstances. What could I say?

“Look, Dolores, are you still fucking Josh?”

“Er, not really.” So yes.

“And are you likely to be fucking him while Stacey is away?”

“Look, I said no.”

“No, Dolores, you said ‘Er, not really.’ I take that to mean that you and that duplicitous little shit — sorry, I mean Josh — have fucked since you were discovered fucking by Stacey, and are intending to fuck some more. So until this is resolved, what I can offer in your defense is not a lot. Does the defendant have any more to say?” Fuck, I was enjoying this, in a totally hypocritical way. I mean, this bitch really fucked with Stacey and me when she was divorcing my asshole brother, and this felt like sweet revenge.

For a moment, she looked sad. “What the defendant wanted to say is that she is very sorry for what she did. With Stacey away, I can’t make it up to her. But, Bob,” and here she smiled, “I can make it up to you.”

I’d seen that smile before. It had ‘invitation’ written all over it.

“Am I to take it that you’re inviting me back to your place, maybe to pick up where we left off?”

She smiled more broadly and nodded. A rather sexy expression came over her face. For a moment I considered whether I should also take the opportunity to come over her face.

“Sorry, Dolores, but I have to say no.”

She looked a little shocked. “Bob, I thought that Stacey had forgiven me when we parted just now, and you said we were only fuck-buddies, so can’t we just pick up and be fuck-buddies again?”

“Dolores, Stacey made me promise something before she left for her vacation. She asked me not to go back to fucking you while she’s away, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless I start by fucking you up the ass.” I smiled at her. She looked shocked — then angry.

“Stacey never said anything like that! You’re making it up!”

“Dolores, get a Bible and I’ll swear it on oath. I think her exact words were ‘you can only fuck my Mom again if you start by giving it to her up the ass, and then you cum all over her face. I want her to know that she behaved like a whore with Josh, and you need to show her that.’ Sorry, but that’s a promise I made to Stacey, and I don’t break promises to that little girl.”

“No. Stacey — Stacey is only eighteen. She doesn’t — know about such things!”

“Oh, I think you’ll find she does,” I replied. ‘Because I taught her most of it,’ I thought, with a mixture of smugness and guilt.

The expression on her face showed real doubt — something I’d rarely seen there before. We were, I guess, at a crossroads, and it could go one of three ways. I decided to spell it out.

“Look, Dolores, if you want you can just walk out of here on your delightful legs, go back to Josh and wrap those legs around him again. Or, if you’re really not fucking him anymore, you can just get out a nice dildo and dream of me. Or — we could go back to your place, or mine, and we could simply carry out Stacey’s instructions, and then continue our delightful sexual dalliances to our hearts’ — and other parts’ — content. Honestly, Dolores, I know what Stacey’s condition sounds like, but it wouldn’t have to be like that. I could make it feel really good for you. I’m quite an expert at anal. I’ve had a lot of practice.”

‘Most recently,’ I thought, ‘on your daughter.’ But that wasn’t Escort Girl Dubai anything I could realistically convey to her at this moment.

She looked uncertain — confused even. I was used to Dolores the bitch-lawyer, so Dolores the confused, possibly-sexed-up-slut-afraid-of-anal was new to me. I decided to press the advantage, so I got up.

“I can tell you’re going to have to think about that. So here’s what we’ll do. I’ll message Stacey to tell her about our little conversation, and ask her to confirm the condition to you. If, once you’re sure it’s what Stacey really wants, you think that the fun we were having is worth reviving, call me. I promise that the experience of having me fuck your ass will be much more pleasurable and much less painful than you think. But if you feel it’s too high a price to pay, then don’t bother to call.”

As I was walking back to my car, I have to admit I was conflicted. With Stacey gone for three weeks, I had no-one to fuck, unless Barbie could be persuaded to hook up without Stacey there. Dolores had great tits, a hot pussy and a dirty mouth, and I would love to stick my cock in there somewhere.

But Stacey had made me promise. “Uncle Bob,” she had said as I’d wiped my cum off her face after a particularly dirty and extended exploration of her mouth, pussy and ass, “I’ve been thinking. While I’m away, will you promise not to fuck Mom?”

“Hey baby, I know you’re pissed with her, but where am I gonna park my cock while you’re gone? And you haven’t exactly committed to being celibate while you’re in Europe.”

“Well, see, Uncle Bob, it’s not like we’re in a real — like — long-term relationship. When I get back, we’ll have maybe a month to fuck each other’s brains out, and then I’ll be in college two thousand miles away. We’ve already said we can never get married, so, like, I’ve gotta find myself some guys or I’m gonna die from, like, abstinence. So I may as well fuck other boys when I’m in Europe, and you can find other chicks here and fuck them as much as you like. Just so long as when I’m back, I get to rule your dick.”

“Stacey, you so totally get to rule my dick. You’re way awesome.”

She stuck out her tongue. It looked like it still had some traces of my semen on it.

“But Stacey, baby, you know you’re hot, and guys will be hitting on you from when you board the airplane. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if some horny security guy tries to fuck you on the bag-scan conveyor. But me, I’m just boring old Bob. How am I gonna get laid when you’re not around? I only fucked your mom and Barbie because you pimped me.”

“I so did not pimp you!” she protested. “And you are super-hot, Uncle Bob. Girls will be standing in line to get to you.”

I kissed her. I took quite a long time over it. I always love kissing my angel, and she loves being kissed, so we just went with it. Finally, when we both came up for air, I continued our little discussion.

“Stacey, I know you find me hot, but that’s because you know what I can do with my dick, my fingers and my mouth. Most chicks would see me as ordinary. I can’t go around with a placard saying “Hey, babes! Come and fuck me! I’m so the best guy at ass-fucking you’ll ever meet, and I eat pussy for breakfast!”

I love it when Stacey laughs. It’s such a joyous sound, and it makes me feel happy. Except right then, when it made me feel sad that I wouldn’t hear that laugh for three weeks.

“No, honestly Uncle Bob. You just have to get out there and talk to some girls. I’ve noticed how you’ve got hotter since we started fucking. I’m sure other girls have noticed the same. Hey, even my mom noticed!”

It was true. After I’d started my hot and illegal relationship with my niece, I’d decided I needed to get a grip on my life. I’d increased my gym visits and even gone back to my old dojo to revive my karate skills. OK, the guys there kicked my ass the first few dozen times, but I was now fitter and sharper than I’d been for years. However, I still didn’t feel that I would class as ‘hot’ for anyone except a few women who already knew me well — intimately, in fact.

“Sure, baby. But as far as your mom is concerned, you’re closing off that particular alleyway for me, while you feel you can wrap your legs around any boy who hits on you. That’s not fair, sweetie. I don’t want to stop you having fun, but I’m scared and a little jealous too. It’s harder work for guys. Girls get hit on — it’s the guys who have to do the hitting, and often they strike out.” I should know. I’d struck out many times before my relationship with Stacey took an unexpected and thrilling turn.

“OK, so here’s the deal. You, Uncle Bob, get to fuck any woman you want, in any way you want, except my mom. If you want to fuck her again, and if she wants to fuck you — and why wouldn’t she? — then first you have to…” She paused, thinking about it. Then she smiled. “Then first you have to fuck her up the ass and then come all over her face. independent escort dubai She behaved like a total whore with Josh, so you should get to treat her like one. I know you’ll like that, Uncle Bob, and from what you’ve said, she so won’t. She can be a controlling bitch, and if she has to open her ass to you and then get a load on her face, that’ll be, like, super-humiliating for her.”

“Yeah, and that’s so never gonna happen, so my dick gets to shrivel up for three weeks. It isn’t gonna suck itself, and I don’t have the flexibility to do it.”

“Well, Uncle Bob, I think I can fix that right now. Then maybe we can talk some more when my mouth isn’t full.”

And then I was on my back, with all of my still-soft cock in her mouth. Only it wasn’t soft for long, and soon it was long, and down Stacey’s throat. This is a skill no eighteen-year-old should have — especially when I didn’t teach it to her. But I’d long ago stopped worrying about this aspect of her education, and instead I was full of gratitude for it. And it wasn’t long before she was full of my spunk. She worked my cock up and down in her throat, occasionally making that horny “chhh” noise, throat goo dribbling out of her mouth — you know, all of the porno shit — until I couldn’t take any more. Despite the fact that, in the previous two hours, I’d already unloaded up her ass and again all over her face after fucking her pussy really hard, she achieved a third round without once letting me out of her mouth.

When I’d finished moaning and thrashing around, she jumped up and said “Now you’ve gotta eat me!” She straddled my face, and I consumed maybe a quart of pussy juices while she wriggled and squealed her way through maybe three orgasms, or just one long one that had three peaks. My finger up her ass confirmed for me every time she came, and how long it went on, and there did seem to be a lot of coming.

We showered, kissed and cuddled some, then I made us salmon in prosciutto with lemon couscous and a salad on the side. We drank a little wine, and then she said “I’ll text Barbie and see if she wants to fuck you while I’m away. It’s probably best if it, like, comes from me.”

“And baby, while I’m not really cool with it, you do have my permission to fuck other guys while you’re away. Just remember my two stipulations: you always stay safe and use condoms, and you can suck them off and they can eat you and fuck your pussy, but no-one — absolutely no-one — is allowed up your ass except me. In return, I won’t fuck your mom unless she first agrees to have me fuck her up the ass and spray my cum on her face. Or Hell freezes over — whichever comes first.”

Stacey thought about it for a moment. “But Uncle Bob, you know I really love it up the ass. Have I really got to go three weeks without a cock up there?”

“Yeah, Stacey. It feels good because I do it, because I know how to do it — and because we love each other.” I kissed her to reinforce that fact. “Firstly, I think other guys may be really eager to stick their dicks up your ass if you offer it, but they may not have the skill. If they’re big, or clumsy, they may hurt you. But secondly, I feel kinda proprietorial about that tight little hole. You’ve only ever given it to me. I wouldn’t let you give it to Josh, and if you love me you’ll play by these rules.”

“Well, OK Uncle Bob. But if you do persuade mom to take it up the ass from you, I wanna see the pictures. I wanna see cum all over her face and her asshole stretched. Best if you send a picture of your cock up her ass. Otherwise no deal. Is that cool?”

“Stacey, like that’s ever going to happen. Even if I persuade your mom to do things I know she hates, having me take pictures of what she’ll see as her humiliation — which is exactly why you want me to do it — is something she’ll never agree to. So unless you can persuade the delightful Barbie to find time to spread her lovely thighs and ass-cheeks for me, your old Uncle Bob will have to go back to how he was when we first started this crazy ride — jacking off over porn.”

“Hey, but Uncle Bob, you have a whole load of much-better porn now. You have movies of you and me doing, like, super-dirty things. That’s soooo much better than some pornstar with big titties sucking off a black guy with a huge dick, isn’t it?”

We went back to bed early, and we made love. She came with my cock gently and slowly fucking her pussy, my fingers on her clit, and our mouths locked in a tender kiss. I wanted to come inside her, but she insisted on taking me back in her mouth. Not down her throat this time; instead, a slow and delicious blowjob, which lasted only a minute or two before I filled her mouth with more cum than I thought I had left in my body. When I’d finished, she picked up an empty water glass from the bedside and let a lot of my cum dribble into it.

“Hey, didn’t it taste good? You usually swallow,” I said, surprised.

“No, Uncle Bob, I want to save some for later. I’m gonna put it in a little jar so I can take it with me and taste it while I’m away. I need to remember you. Oh, and you will send me pictures, won’t you? Especially if you make out with another girl? I wanna see who you fuck. And I’ll send you pictures of me!”