A Big Mistake


I grew impatient as yet another car drove past me, down onto the barren, cracked, abandoned , roads behind me. This was the third car that has ignored me and kept on driving. I’ve grown highly impatient and frusterated to the point where I might quit early. Shameful, as my asshole twitched and puckered for more black cock since my last encounter two weeks ago. That last encounter was where a large black man overpowered me and dragged me into his house where he raped me vigourisly.
I remember it as if it was just a moment ago. He forced me onto my knees and made me take his large black cock in my mouth where he proceeded to face fuck me endlessly until I was showered in his cum. He then decided to force me over a bed where he ended up fucking me to the point where I couldn’t feel my ass or half of my legs. He came in me with the gallons. Filling my ass up where the cum came drenching out of me like a waterfall. I remember him leaving the room, leaving me bent over his bed covered and filled with his black man’s cum. I felt humilated. Yet, pleasured.
The second I heard him leave the room I jumped up, pulled up my pants that were forced below my ankles, ran out, grabbed my bookbag that was laying on the floor next to the doorway where I had ended up dropping it when I was being dragged like a ragdoll into the house by the black man, opened the door and ran out faster then an olympic runner. I heard the black man shout behind me.
“I ain’t done with yo bitch ass yet!” He shouted behind me.
I was too focused on getting the hell out of there I barley recognized his voice and didn’t feel a bit of intimidation that I would’ve most likely felt if I wasn’t scared out of my mind. I kept running down the abandoned streets. Not bothering looking back. I ran all the way through the city until finally collapsing at the front concrete streets of my house.
I remember the feelings I felt afterwards. Not the scared, humilated feeling I had felt ten seconds after getting fucked, but the feeling of need and lust. Like I need a black man to dominate me and use me as his sex toy. The need to feel the enourmous girth and length of a big black cock inside me. The lust to feel the pounding of a black mans balls on my ass and the light prickle of his pubic hairs scraping my asshole. Those are the feelings I felt as I laid in my bathroom, finger fucking myself restlessly. Wanting a black man to come in, bend me over, and have his way with me for as long as he desires.
Those feelings escalated to the point where I convinced myself I need it, or I will slowly fall into a nothingless pit of emotion, and dread. That is why we find ourselves in our current situation. Me trying attempting to pull a black man over in his car, bribe him, telling him I’m willing to pay him the three thousand dollars I have stuffed into my front left pocket, to fuck me and make me his little white bitch toy in his car and stuff me full of his big black cock.
Of course if you haven’t read the first couple sentences, has not come to great success.
Wait, there’s one more car coming down. I squint my eyes attempting to block out the bright, Detroit sun to try and see into the drivers side and escort service see if the driver is black. I see what I’m looking for. A black man, and my favorite kind. Thug.
He wore a large hat with a flatned beak and a baggy white shirt. He looked old, possibly in late thirties or early forties. Small spots of grey hair poked out of his large goatee. Just what I wanted.
I poked my thumb up as I stepped out onto the street, trying everything to grab his attention. I saw as he came closer he looked over at me and turned his car and pulled in right in front of me. Seeing my chance I ran up and bent over, facing his right front window. He rolled it down to talk.
“Yo man you need a ride?” He asked. His voice reminding me of my rapist.
“Nah man, I actually want to ask you something.” I said. Attempting to keep all of the nervousness and anxiouty out of my voice.
“Do I know you?” He asked. Leaning over a little more. Curiosty grabbing him most likely.
“Oh no. I just want to ask you something. A deal if you may.”
“Whatchu’ talking ’bout white boy?” He asked.
“Well, if you’re willing to hear me out,” I said. “I’m wondering if you’re willing to do something for some cash. Money.”
“I ain’t killin’ nobody and I sure ain’t shit sucking yo dick!” He responded loudly. Frustration in his deep voice. I’m not gonna fuck this up.
“No, none of that. I’m just wondering if you’ll let me give you a little…you know..” I stammered. Not being able to say anything due to fear and anxioty.
“No I don’t know. What da fuck do you want?” He answered back quickly.
“You willing to fuck me?” I suddenly said. Not realizing I said it until his face turned from confusion to anger.
“I ain’t no faggot! Get that fake shit outta here little faggot ass white boy!” He shouted, using hand gestures that are basically telling me to fuck off.
“Hey man I’m willing to pay you for that shit!” I said, pulling out my money. All three thousand dollars in bills. I’m desperate. I can’t let him get away.
“It doesn’t fuckin’ matter homie! I ain’t no fake faggot like you. That shit is fucked up man!” He said, completely ignoring the money.
“There’s three thousand dollars in here man. It’s all yours just for like an hour and a half. Plus you’ll be the one getting some ass.” I said, shaking the bills in my hand. Trying to draw his attention to it. It was my only way of getting fucked.
“It doesn’t fuckin’ matter if its ass or not. It’s still gay faggot shit and I ain’t no faggo—“, he cut off. Putting his hand over his mouth as if he just suddenly thought of something.
He turned his eyes away from his car window and the money in my hands.
“Three thousand dollas’ you says are in there?” He asked. Pointing to my money with his large black hands.
“Yes, three thousand. It’s all yours if you do what I want you to do, and that’s fucking me. That’s all.”
He sat there, looking at nothing else but the green paper I had in my hand. His eyes were blank, he was thinking hard. This is my only chance. I blow it, and I lose the possibility of getting fucked nice and hard as I’ve wanted to for the past two weeks. Suddenly he pulled his head out the window and looked independent escort dubai left and right. He did this for about a minute until finally, with a shallow whisper, he said the magic words.
“Get in the car.”
My heart skipped a beat as I realized I had done it. I had succesfully bribed a black man into fucking me. My dream was about to come true! Finally!
I immediatly opened the van’s door and jumped onto the seat and shut the door.
“Where we headin’?” He asked, turning his head towards the road.
“Anywhere you want.” I responded.
“Your choice.” He said as he pulled the car into gear, put his foot down on the pedal, and the car jolted forward, heading to the spot where I was sure to get a good fucking.

20 mins later…

The car jumped and jolted as the van drove deeper into the barren woods, where surley no one is going to find us. Even though we’re out in the middle of nowhere, secluded to all possible roots to populated areas, this black man kept looking back and forth and left to right. Making sure nobody sees us.
Suddenly the car jolted, and the car stood still.
“Lets get this shit over with.” The black man said as he unbuckled and turned around. Heading into the pit of the van.
“Woah, why are we heading back there.” I said.
“Because I want to make sure nobody sees me doing this. This is stupid faggot shit I’m doin’.”
I ignored him and unbuckled and jumped into the pit with him. My heart was racing. My asshole was puckered and ready for a good fucking, and my dick was rock hard.
I took my position in front of him, and got on all fours. I quickly started to unbutton my pants and within a second, I had them pulled down below my knees. My pale white ass was finally out in the open. Ready for this black mans cock.
“Before we do this shit, may I remind you I ain’t no faggot and this shit will never happen again. You do not speak of this shit to nobody. You do and I swear I will fucking beat yo ass. Got it?” He said harshly.
“Yeah, god. All you have to do is fuck me quickly and you get three grand.” I responded. The black man didn’t respond. All he did was poof out a breath of air and begin unbuttoning his pants.
I couldn’t beleive it, I was finally going to get what I want. What I need. What I lust. A good, hard, big, black, cock. I heard as he unbuttoned his pants, and finally drop them. I prepared myself and looked behind me. What I saw next made everything vanish. My puckered asshole went flat, my rock hard dick went stiff, and my heart stopped. What I saw wasn’t a penis, not a cock, not a big fat black cock, but a snake! A black snake, possibly fifteen inches long, and five inches thick.
“Oh my god, I can’t fucking take that! That’s way too fucking big!” I said, fear in my voice.
“Well that’s too fucking bad. You put me in this fucking mess, now I want what was fucking promised. Ass and cash.” He said, and with that he pushed me down and suddenly shoved three inches into me. I screamed out but was quickly muffled by his large hand.
“Fuckin’ tight faggot!” He moaned as he shoved a couple more inches into me. The bastard didn’t even use any lube. I was going to either die, Escort Girl Dubai or forever be torn open at the end of this by that monster cock! I screamed even more as I felt couple more inches went in. The feeling was unbearable. Not the nice warm feeling I was hoping for, but pain, and nothing but pain! It felt like I was being torn apart, and not even half of it went in yet! Finally, after a several more inches, he stopped at around nine or ten.
I laid there, trying to keep tears from seeping out of my eyes.
“You wish you didn’t pick me up huh you little bitch!” He moaned as he took a couple inches out and shoved them back in. I heard his big black balls clasp against one another as he began fucking me with a rythmic tune. His dark black cock ravaging my white asshole. He put all his weight onto me to make sure I stayed in the correct position to take his massive black python of a cock. I was moaning in pain with every violent thrush. I was being shaken back and forth by him like a little toy doll. I was completely helpless. Sweat dripped down my chin as the temperature of the van increased with every minute. With every minute of me being completely dominated and basically raped all over again by an even bigger cocked black man.
“Please….please…ahhhh…uhhhh…AHHHHH” I moaned, attempting to try and persuade him to stop.
“Shut your ass up. I ain’t stoppin’ ’til you pass out, or I impregnate your white rectum with my cum.” He said as he began to raise the pace of the anal fucking. Now the entire van shook witha violent force. The only noise coming was from my moans of pain and his of pleasure. The sweat developed by the black mans pubes began to drizzle down his dick and onto my asshole where it began to lubricate it where it began making a wet clapping noise with every inch you pulled in, then out. It also gave him the oppurnunity to dig in more inches. With a loud moan and a mighty shove, two more inches went inside of me. I lost it. I screamed out in pain and agony as it was quickly echoed by the moans of the black man, and the creak of the wheels as they were bumping up and down from the violent shaking the black man was making as he fucked my tiny white ass with his giant, un-natrual donkey horse cock. This must’ve put the man over the edge as I heard him moan in complete ectasy as I felt his black pole twitch, and the familiar feeling of hot cum gush into my young, fourteen year old white boy pussy.
“Looks like you’re still up. Looks like you could handle my big elephant dick huh?” He mocked, giggling as he pulled out his cock. Realzing a large pop as the last inch poked out of me.
I collapsed onto the vans floor, catching my breath, and feeling as gallon after gallon of black mans cum gushes out of my ripped open white asshole. I looked up to see the black man behind me. He looked through my pants and found the money. He quickly shoved it into his baggy pockets and walked up to the door of the van. He pushed it open and turned to me. He walked over, grabbed my shoulders and threw me out on the rough, dirty road.
“Thanks faggot. I’ll be sure to spend it wisley.” He laughed as he closed the van’s door and got back into the drivers seat. I moaned as I heard the van’s engines reeve up. The van backed up, and drove off. Leaving me on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with my ass ripped open and cum filled.