Wage Slave


“Three thousand dollars for a transmission! that’s ridiculous and besides it wasn’t my fault that piece of junk broke when I was driving it” Keri exclaimed exasperatedly.

I replied “piece of junk or not. it’s my car, you weren’t supposed to be driving it and from what the mechanic said you were not exactly babying it when it broke. You busted it and you’re responsible for getting it fixed.”

With a pout she said, “well big deal anyway, we can afford it, just get it fixed and stop trying to blame me.”

I was mad now “sure we can afford it but why should I have to work to clean up your mess. I’m the only one with a job so WE can afford it only because I make the money. This is your doing and it’s your problem paying for it. In the meantime I’m using your car.”

She whined “but I’ve got PTA and pack meetings and …”

I completed her sentence “and as long as I don’t need the car, enjoy yourself but I get first dibs until my car is back in the driveway.”

In an even more irritating whine, Keri replied “but you work all day I’ll be stuck at home. You’re gone before I even get up and don’t come home till dinner.”

Now seriously pissed at her self-centered, world rotates around Keri bull, I replied “No shit, which is exactly why WE can afford to get the car fixed. It’s time for you to get a job.”

The expression of near horror on her face was priceless. It’s not like she couldn’t work, she had been a professional herself before our first kid. but it had been over 10 years and she had grown accustomed to the leisure time since our youngest was in school now. She had also made it abundantly clear that she was not going back to her original profession, and the technology had changed so much she really couldn’t anyway.

Trying to take the logical high ground, Keri said “well even if I did go back to work it would take months to earn the money and I’m not going without a car for that long.”

I was not giving an inch “You’re going without a car until my car is back in the driveway. If that takes months that’s your problem.”

It was then that the thought hit me. To summarize the whirlwind of thoughts that went through my mind … our sex life was horrible; once a month, in the first week after her period, we have the same kind of dull, boring sex we had the previous month, unless she happened to be visiting her parents or having a girl’s weekend, in which we had no sex at all. So, as could be expected having been two weeks since I had seen so much as a naked breast or even glimpsed a pussy not on a computer monitor, I was thinking about sex.

I offered “Tell you what, I’ll hire you.”

Keri haughtily replied “No way, I don’t want to deal with all your paperwork. You’re the one who wanted to be self employed so you deal with it. I preferred it when you had a nice secure full time job.”

With more than a bit of annoyance I replied “Ignoring for a second that I make about double what I did at my last full time job, which I also despised, and you have little trouble spending the extra cash. that was not the kind of work I had in mind.”

“Then what?” she asked with more annoyance than interest.

The month long breaks between sexual encounters had allowed plenty of time to research, shall we say, alternative sources. The going rate for call girls in the area was anywhere from $200 to $350 an hour and that was for seriously hot young babes. A pathological fear of contracting an STD had so far prevented me from procuring their services but I did plenty of window shopping.

Keri now owing me $3000 and years of sexual frustration collided in one rash sentence: “I’ll pay you $300 an hour to be my personal and exclusive call girl.”

In sixteen years of marriage I don’t think I had seen anything within an order of magnitude of how pissed off she became. Her eyes grew wide, lips thin and cheeks stretched tight from the conflicting muscles spasming.

She fairly screamed at me “I am not a whore, either your exclusive and personal whore or any other kind. You pervert, you’ll be lucky if you even so much as see me naked in the next six months.”

“Since I’ve barely seen you naked in the past six months that is not much of a threat!. Fine go work at the damn WalMart for $6 an hour. At that rate it shouldn’t take more than a year till you get your car back.”

Keri ranted and raved, called me every name that could not be used in polite company; and I just stood there. All her foul language and accusations washed off of me like hot butter on teflon. Truthfully I wasn’t looking forward to driving a damn minivan for a year but I sure as hell was not going to give in now.

We barely spoke for a week…

It turned out that even getting a job at WalMart wasn’t easy. It was just after Christmas and the worthwhile holiday part time staff was first in line for full time jobs. After a week of scouring want ads and filling applications for anything available I began feeling a bit sorry for her. Like I had said she london escorts had previously been a professional white collar type, she had a college degree and she was plenty smart. Internally. at least, I was beginning soften up. Maybe I’d offer to split fifty-fifty, that way when she found a job it would only be six months of menial labor before she had her independence back.

Two weeks later, with the car still busted, she came to me while I was working late in my home office. Most unusually she came wearing a most revealing mesh black mini-dress. In the sweetest voice she could manage she said, “Mark, can we talk about this car thing some more.”

I looked here up and down, my gaze stopping momentarily at her nipples pushing little buds in her dress and then her black g-string plainly visible under the sheer fabric of her dress. Under that her smoothly shaven pussy lips were revealed as mere shadows… damn this was not going to be easy.

As calmly and flatly as I could manage I said, “What do you want to say?”

“I was just hoping we could put it all behind and maybe restart on a happier note.”

“How is that going to get my car fixed?”

A miniscule scowl crossed her face as it became apparent that this was not going to be completely painless for her. Then the sweet smile returned to her full, red, glistening lips. The tip of her tongue lightly glided over, moistening them. She tossed her curly brown hair back off her bare milky-white shoulders, accented only by the thin straps of her dress, revealing earrings dangled enticingly from the delicate lobes accentuating her long, beautiful neck. Her hand slowly slid down her body lightly stroking her nipple as it passed by until it rested on her creamy thigh, clutching the hem of her dress. She lifted the hem inch by inch until the diaphonous g-string was all that remained to, barely, obstruct a view of her feminine cleft. She knew I loved a shaved pussy but she had not done it for years. Regardless of how the rest of this encounter went, our sex life had already improved tenfold.

“I thought maybe we could just forget about that for a little while and just spend some time getting closer, … much closer.” Her hand slid under the waistband of her g-string and began rubbing over her clit. “I’m feeling very hot tonight. I’ve got an … itch and was hoping you could scatch some places I just can’t get to.” She was really pouring it on now. Each word came out in a breathy whisper while one hand rubbed inside her panties and the other massaged her (very large) breasts.

Damn, damn, damn, this was getting very difficult. Very entertaining, enticing, and erotic but I .. must .. hold .. on…

Fortunately my desk hid my hardened cock, which would have been plainly visible through the cotton pajama bottom was wearing, else the degree to which she had me, figuratively for now, by the balls would have been obvious.

“Sure”, I said “$300 for every hour you spend as my personal sex toy comes off the repair bill. That’s a far better deal than you’ve found so far and you may actually learn to enjoy something new.”

That look of fury momentarily crossed her face again but it was immediately followed by one of resignation. With that change in expression we were negotiating over details the major points of the deal were resolved. I knew I’d won just as long as I tossed her an insignificant concession in the final stages.

“Okay, but nothing really kinky or painful”.

“Of course sweetheart but kinky is a matter of personal taste so lets say nothing too painful and we’ll pick a safe word. If you use the safe word we stop but you lose 15 minutes of time.”

“Fine, I’ll do it. What do you want me to do?”

Perhaps I should have displayed supreme self control and told her to just go to bed because I wasn’t interested right then but the truth was I was going to have her right there and in ways she had never dreamed of.

“Turn around and remove you panties. Make sure I get a good show while you are doing it.”

She did as told and slowly turned around. The globes of her luscious ass were barely covered by the short dress. Her hands slid under the waistband at her curvaceous hips and slowly lowered her panties down her legs. As she bent further over and her dress rode up and over her ass, her pussy lips peeked out from between her thighs, their wetness revealed in glistening reflections. She removed her panties from her left leg and then her right and spread her feet shoulder width. Her hands traveled up the inside of her legs, calves, knees and then her soft inner thighs. First the first, then the second, knuckle of her middle finger disappeared between her wet lips.

She looked back over her shoulder while she slid her finger in and out of her pussy and said in a husky whisper “anything interest you?’

The temptation to grab her hips and plunge my now rock-hard cock into her pussy was nearly impossible to resist. But I knew that if I did then we’d be back right Escort Girl Dubai where we were … once a month, dull boring, yada yada yada…

“Bend over again and grab your ankles.” She was taken aback but she complied. “Now spread your legs.” Again, though somewhat awkwardly, she complied. “Spread your ass cheeks.”

This time she hesitated, “that’s too personal. I’m not comfortable with you looking at me back there.”

“Okay then, enjoy your walks” and I turned back to my computer to work. Now, if truth be known I was bluffing and she could have simply walked closer to me and the aroma of her perfume and sex would have had me ready to worship any square inch of her body I could get my tongue to. But, Keri never really seemed to understand just how strong the sex drive was for me. Judging only by her own needs she assumed I was serious.

“Okay, enjoy the show” I thought she whispered “pervert” under her breath but she moved to comply and I figured the battle was won, let her have the skirmishes.

Her hands slowly slid up her legs again until each was firmly grasping a globe of her ass. Tentatively she spread them apart just a fraction, then she stopped.

“That won’t do. I want to see your ass and I want to see it now! Spread ’em wider.” These last words were spoken with just a bit of the anger welled up from years of sexual frustration. She spread her ass further apart, gradually revealing her perfect, virgin rosebud of an asshole. This time she didn’t look over her shoulder or even try to seduce me from my chosen course. She was clearly outside her comfort zone and that was exactly where I wanted her. She would look to me for guidance and direction … and guide her I would.

She stayed in that position, still and revealed as a Mapplethorpe model, for a minute while my eyes drilled into every luscious inch of her ass. In my imagination, I could feel her smooth skin with my cheeks and lips. I could taste the smoky flavor of her pussy. I could feel the crinkly texture of the puckered skin around her ass and the rubbery strength of her anus as my tongue penetrated her most private orifice.

I stood up, walked around my desk and stood directly behind her. I dropped my pajama bottoms and leaned over her until I could hold each of her breasts in my hands. My cock slotted naturally in the cleft of her ass.

“Now, squeeze your ass cheeks around my cock.” A gentle pressure on my cock mounted as the soft globes encircled it in humid warmth.

I rubbed myself along her ass while I gently flicked her hardening nipples. She moaned softly. “I told you that you might learn to enjoy this” but her only response was a muted sigh of pleasure.

I rubbed and massaged her nipples harder and faster as her moans increased in number and volume. Her hands squeezed her ass tighter around my cock as my tempo increased.

“Tell me you like it, tell me how much my cock excites you and makes your pussy wet. Be a good call girl and talk dirty to me.” Keri talking dirty was a Rubicon of sexual adventurousness, she didn’t do it naturally and had never done it simply for my pleasure. If pussy, tits, ass, cock, cunt or fuck crossed her lips we were entering new territory.

She hesitated again but only to let the words form in her mind. She was clearly trying to say naughty things without using the naughty words.

“Your hands feel so good rubbing my breasts. Rub them harder, pinch my nipples.” Actually saying “pinch my nipples” was progress but was not going to suffice. I wanted dirty talk, real dirty “lick my pussy, fuck my cunt with your big tool” kind of talk.

I pinched her nipples … hard. She jumped under me and let out a surprised squeal. “That hurt, not so hard”. I pinched them again, just as hard. “I said not so hard” she said with some anger in her voice.

“I’m paying for these tits and I’m going to do what I want with them. You want something different you learn to say so and use the right words.” With that I roughly grabbed her right breast and said “what is this?”

“A breast?”

“No, it’s a tit, understood? If you want your tits pinched gently then say please pinch my tits gently, understood?”

“Yes sir”

I liked the “sir” she added of her own volition.

I knocked her right hand off her ass cheek and roughly grabbed a handful of her ass. “What is this?”

“My butt, sir?”

I released her cheek just long enough to give her a nice hard smack across her ass.

“Ow, that stings”

“It’s your ass”.

“Yes sir, it’s my ass. Please don’t smack my ass so hard.”

Finally, my hand sneaked down between her legs and cupped her pussy. “And this?”

She was catching on by now.

“My pussy, sir.”

“That’s right pet, your pussy. Do you want me to rub your pussy?”

“Yes sir, please rub my pussy” she sighed.

I gently parted her pussy lips and teased her clit with my middle finger. A pretty moan escaped her lips, “that feels so good.”

I immediately stopped, independent escort dubai “what feels so good?”

She immediately understood what I wanted “Your finger feels so good rubbing my clit, sir. Please don’t stop.” I resumed my gentle teasing, once again parting her lips with my ring and pointer fingers and stroking the sensitive flesh between with my middle finger.

Her hips began to rock in rythym with my stroking, building until the motion of her tits, swinging below her, built to where they softly bumped her chin and stomach. “Please sir, I need you inside me”. I plunged my middle finger into her hot canal. “Please sir I need more, something bigger”. I was not about to let this encounter end so soon, though I knew what she wanted was for me to fuck her from behind. I continued to finger fuck her, adding one, two and then three fingers to the one already inside her. She humped back hard against my hand, impaling herself with each stroke. The sight of her wet cunt tightly gripping my hand was too much. I wanted pussy, I wanted it in my face and I wanted it now.

I pulled my fingers from her snatch and dropped to my knees. She moaned in disappointment and for a brief second I reconsidered then with my face inches from her pussy and ass I said “grab your ass again and spread your cheeks wide”. This time there was no hesitation, she reached both hands into the cleft of her ass and rudely spread herself to my view.

“Now spread your legs wider.” She awkwardly crabbed walked one leg at a time, never releasing the grip on her gorgeous ass.

I stopped for a moment, enjoying the view like it was my personal mountain vista. The outer lips of her pussy parted naturally as her legs spread revealing the flushed pink of her inner lips and the delicate folds hiding her sensitive clit. Her molten tunnel was slightly dilated as if preparing for the entry of my hard cock.

My gaze moved slightly upward to the object of my most carnal desire. In this position the pink rosebud of her virgin asshole was stretched but still clinched tightly to resist invading fingers, vibrators and cocks.

Fixing the view in my mind like the cherished memory it would become, I grabbed her hips and sunk my face into her hot pussy, I pulled her ass back against me until my lips were buried deep in the warm, wet nirvana of her cunt. My tongue sought her clit while my nose penetrated her like a small cock. She groaned loudly and said “oh god yes, lick my pussy, tongue my clit, I want you to bury your whole face in my fucking cunt”. I smiled to myself even as my mouth was deep between her lips,she was definitely catching on to the dirty talk thing.

I moved up slightly till my tongue found the source of the hot juice covering the whole of her inner thigh. I curled my tongue into a hard rod and pushed as deep into her core as I could. She moaned loudly once again “yes, yes, yes, bury your tongue up my hot cunt, tongue-fuck your little call girl’s pussy till I come all over your face”.

Grabbing her hips harder I began to rock forward and back, plunging my tongue deep into her then withdrawing all but the tip before plunging back once more. She grabbed the back of my head and began roughly rocking back and forth in time, forcing me deeper into her with each thrust. Her breathing became faster and shallower until finally she screamed “oh god I’m cumming” and violently forced herself against my face. The walls of her pussy spasmed around my tongue and lips with the contractions of her orgasm.

She held me against her pussy for what seemed like minutes while her orgasm continued and then slowly subsided. Her breathing gradually deepened and slowed, she relaxed her grip on the back of my head allowing me to breath once again. Then she let her hands fall to her knees to steady herself.

“That was incredible … please sir let me catch my breath before we continue.” I was pleased with this reaction on a number of levels; first because she had become for awhile the wanton slut every man with a working cock wants in bed, second was that she stayed in the position I had told her to assume even after a massive orgasm, and finally because she knew that we were not through for the evening.

“Yes pet, relax for a moment.” I began to massage the globes of her ass firmly bit gently, rubbing in a circular motion alternately pressing her cheeks together and then splitting them apart. She relaxed in my hands, lazily rocking as I continued the deep tissue therapy.

I moved closer to her ass as I continued my massage, altering the motion so that her ass cheeks remained apart more and pressed together less. I increased this tendency until, once again, the wrinkled object of my lust was fully and continuously revealed. My lips were now inches from her puckered asshole, wantonly spread open before me. I leaned in, extending my tongue and tentatively tasted the wrinkled pink skin. She had remained silent till now, probably waiting to see what I was going to do, but now a small sigh escaped her lips. Her hands slid up her legs again and replaced mine, opening herself to me.

I ran my hands between her legs to cup her tits in each hand. Another sigh escaped her as I found her nipples and began gently tweaking them between my fingers.