The Training of Rose Ch. 02

Adriana Chechik

Upon waking up the next morning, she finds that it was not a dream. She is so sore that she finds that she can barely move. Looking around the room she is, in a way, surprised that it still looks the same.

Last night was unlike anything that she could ever have imagined. After Lord Cumberland introduced her into taking his manhood into her ass, he proceeded to use her four more times in this manner. This morning she really does feel like the whore he kept saying that she is.

Hearing the door open, she looks over to it and sees him standing there. Immediately she gets out of bed, grimacing as she does. “How would you like me this morning, Sir?”

Obviously he likes her question because he smiles. “Rose, I just want you to lie over the side of the bed. I know that last night was difficult for you. This morning I am going to rub some ointment onto your ass so that it will heal faster from the spanking that you received last night.” She feels him spread something on her that burns at first, but as he continues to rub it feels a whole lot better. When he starts to wander between her legs it feels like nothing she has ever felt before. He smiles when he hears her start to moan. “Rose, you are shameless, do you realize that? You are sounding like a bitch in heat right now.” She looks back up at him and smiles.

“Lord Cumberland, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Rose, what do you want to london escort know?”

“Milord, are you going to take my maidenhead today?” A blush seeps into her face as she asks.

Lord Cumberland stops rubbing the ointment in and seriously looks at her. “Rose, I am going to train you in every manner of love making, but I will not be the one to take your maidenhead. Someone will pay you a lot of money to have that privilege. I just hope that whomever he is, he is gentle with you.”

Standing up, he walks over to the nearest chair. When Rose follows he looks at her and smiles. “Rose, you wouldn’t know this, but last night I brought some clothes in here that should fit you. They are in the wardrobe.”

Going over to the wardrobe she opens it to find that there is a large number of different robes and dresses. “Milord, you didn’t have to do this for me. Thank you very much, Sir.” She reaches in and pulls out a very frilly robe. “Milord, what am I to learn today? I am very eager to learn whatever it is that you would like to teach me.” Suddenly she realizes that he never told her why he is so eager to help her out. “Sir, why are you teaching me all of this, if I may ask.” Turning to look at him she sees that he has rekindled the fire and is back in his customary chair. He has a very serious look on his face. Going over to him, she sits on the stool in front of him.

“Rose, I am doing Escort Dubai this so that you will have a way of supporting yourself. If you would like to start a place of pleasure, I would be more than happy to help you. I know of a few ladies of pleasure that would be more than happy to get out of the city. You don’t have to decide anything right now, but I do not want you to just become a whore that ends up working the docks.” He looks over at her to see if what he is saying is sinking in. “If I am correct, you were home to close it up so that you could sell it. How would you like to keep it?”

“I would love to keep it, but I do not know how the neighborhood would react if I opened it as a house of pleasure.” I have to smile as I think about the reaction from a lot of the Dowagers in the area. “I know that I would not be invited to any of the local debutante balls.” With a surprised laugh Lord Cumberland shakes his head. Looking at him and watching him she realizes that this is the first time that she has heard him laugh. “Milord, please, help me to turn it into a house of pleasure. I have never been the one that does the ‘normal’ thing. For instance, I am not sure if I should enjoy it as much as I do when you put your manhood into my ass as I do. When are you going to use me again, Sire?”

Thoughtfully he stares over at her. “Rose, are you sure that you are offering me yourself after last night? independent escort girls You must be incredibly sore. I am sure that I could take you again, but I do not want to make you think I am a monster that is only interested in your ass.” What his words are saying and what his hands are doing are two different things. His hands are opening her robe and fondling her breasts.

“Milord, please, use me as you see fit. I am here for your pleasure.” Looking at his manhood she can see that it is straining to get out of his pants.

“Rose, you are right. Get over the table.” Quickly she goes over to the table that was indicated and bends over it. She feels him come up behind her and just before his hand comes down on her ass he rams he manhood into her.

Since there was no preparation she was not ready for it and it felt like she was being ripped apart again. “Rose, most of the men will not spend any time getting you ready, so you have to get use to it.” Nodding, she bites her lip and smothers a cry that is right there. Grabbing the sides of her hips he rams his manhood into her harder than he had all the night before.

Pulling all the way out, he slams into her again. “Come on you whore! Scream! I know that you want to. No one will be able to hear you.” A stinging slap was the next thing that she felt. Since that was somewhat unexpected she screamed. A few more times of pounding into her and she felt him erupting inside of her.

Pulling out, he staggers a bit as he walks over to where he was seated before. “We are going to have to set up the party to take your maidenhead very soon, for I am not sure that I can hold out much longer.”