Speakeasy Girl Ch. 03

Big Tits

Chapter Three — Bringing it All Back Home

That night, when I got home, Benny was asleep again. I went into the bathroom, got out of my dowdy street clothes and used the douche to clean out my butt. I guessed that if I leaked any jizz onto the sheets, Benny would want to know what was happening. I felt really strange. I’d done some totally unspeakable things that night — and actually enjoyed them. And I didn’t really feel ashamed. Sure, I was worried that Benny might find out, but actually, when it came down to it, I knew that not only would I do it all again the next night for Mr. Walsh, but that I actually wanted to do it all again.

When my mother had told me about ‘the birds and bees’ as she called it, I have to admit that her advice wasn’t that good. She told me that women don’t have climaxes like men. She said that we just have to lie there and enjoy — or endure — having a dick pushed inside us. She seemed to think that the sooner it was over, the better, and then she could get some sleep.

Me, I guess I was a romantic. I’d always thought that it would be beautiful, to have your handsome husband moving inside your body; so lovely to be opening wide for him, offering him your ‘flower’ and feeling wonderful sensations and emotions. While I wasn’t as cynical as my mother, I wondered, after nearly two years with Benny, when this was all gonna start. That strange night with Mr. Walsh and Susan, as well as my own discoveries with the ‘butt-sex toolkit’ and my own fingers, had made me realize that the problem was that Benny didn’t have a clue. In fact, I felt that most people I knew didn’t have a clue when it came to sex.

I just sat there in the bathroom, remembering all the depraved, wicked, nasty, dirty and exciting things I’d done that night. If someone had asked me beforehand whether I’d do them, I’d have been so scared that I might have screamed. The fact was that I’d had no choice. Mr. Walsh had made me do them, had forced me to experience things I would never have dreamed of — and now I was sure I’d dream of doing again in the future, in a good way.

I was confused, excited, scared — everything but sleepy. I put my hands between my legs and found that I was really wet. I started rubbing, and my head filled with images of Mr. Walsh with his dick going in and out of Susan. I needed something more.

So I crept out of the bathroom naked and went into our bedroom. It was hot, and Benny was sleeping with just a sheet over him. I pulled this back, untied the bottoms of his pajamas, and carefully took his dick in my mouth. I sucked gently, feeling him hardening. After maybe a minute, his eyes opened.

“God, Alice, what are you doing?” he asked.

I lifted my head from his hard dick and smiled at him. “There’s a new girl at work. She’s quite ‘modern’, I guess. She was talking about things she does with her husband. I got to thinking that we don’t do any of those things, and they sound like fun. It’s too hot to sleep, so I thought we might try some stuff. Do you like what I’m doing?”

“Well, yes — sure, I mean…”

I took another mouthful — quite a big one — of Benny’s dick, and he just moaned loudly. Remembering Mr. Walsh earlier, I made up my mind. I kept sucking, and maybe thirty seconds later, Benny started squirting jizz into my mouth. I just gulped and swallowed as fast as I could. I can’t say that the taste was particularly nice, but I’ve tasted worse — including Benny’s mother’s home cooking!

When I’d stopped, and slid back down onto the bed to cuddle Benny, his face was a picture.

“Alice, that was — amazing. I just thought, you know, nice girls didn’t do that, so I’ve always been afraid to ask.”

“Maybe — maybe I’ve been a nice girl for too long. But now I need you to do something for me. I want you to lick me, please, Benny.”

“Lick you? Where, baby?”

“Down there, between my legs.”

“I — don’t know if I can do that. I mean — it’s not — hygienic, is it?”

“Benny! I just sucked your dick, and I swallowed all of your — your spunk. Before that, I cleaned up in the bathroom, so I know I’m as hygienic as I’m gonna get, so get your head down there and start licking!”

Benny isn’t the fastest learner, so it took me a while to help him to get the idea, but after about ten minutes he was doing really well. He’d found the special spot and was lapping away at it with his tongue, and it felt beautiful — the most pleasure I’d had from my husband in bed. But somehow, I knew that he wasn’t going to get me where I needed — not this way, not this time.

“Benny. Are you — are you hard again — yet?” I asked.

“Oh God, yes, Alice! You’ve got me like an iron bar!” he said, lifting his head. “Do you want that I should — should put it in you?”

“Benny, just put a rubber on and lie down on your back.” He hurried to do what I said, and then I quickly straddled him. As I started to ride up and down on his dick, I moved my fingers to my slit and took over where his tongue had left off. film izle He watched me, fascinated.

“Benny. Put your thumb — here. Yes! Like that!” I said, guiding his hand back to my special spot. I placed my fingers over his and steered him to make little circular rubbing movements, following my body as I rose and fell. The sensations were getting really good. For once, I could feel his dick rubbing my insides in a way I could control. I was properly wet, and very, very excited. And after a minute, he was still hard and hadn’t come.

“Alice, baby, I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there!”

“STOP! Close your eyes, Benny, take a deep breath and count to ten. I’m not ready for you to climax yet.”

Benny was surprised. I’d never told him what to do, never really even asked him to do anything before. I guess I was too shy, or afraid of being seen to be a slut. Now, after Mr. Walsh had told me I was a slut and treated me like one, I figured that being a slut in bed was a good thing. Compared with what Mr. Walsh had made me do, getting Benny to delay his climax for me was nothing.

Benny was breathing hard. I put one hand on his chest and kept still, just letting him rub my special spot, while he calmed down a little. When he opened his eyes, I asked him whether he was ready to continue. “I — I guess so…” he breathed.

And so we went on. Each time he got close, I stopped him, waited until he was ready and then continued. Finally, after nearly ten minutes, I was ready to climax, so I just rode him until the friction in my honeypot and on my special spot took me over the edge. I don’t know who shouted loudest, but when I collapsed onto his chest, he threw his arms around me and held me so tight I nearly couldn’t breathe.

“Wow, Alice, that was — incredible. I know it sounds crazy, but it felt like you actually climaxed there.”

“I did, Benny. I found out that women can climax, whatever my mother and those other jackasses may say. It just helps if you keep moving inside me for longer, and if you get me really wet, and if you touch me in all the right places — like you did tonight. You were a great lover, Benny.”

I’d begun to discover that you have to feed some guys a pile of bullshit to get them to do what you want. Anyway, I slept well that night.

The next day, I was delighted to wake up around 10am with Benny licking my pussy. It felt good, and I got him to use his fingers on me. Susan had done it better the day before, but it still felt nice. In fact, when I closed my eyes and remembered watching Mr. Walsh licking Susan, and the weird, naughty sensations of his dick in my butt, I actually climaxed. Benny wanted me to suck his dick again, and I guess I didn’t mind. I’d worked out how to avoid scratching him with my teeth, and it didn’t feel as wrong sucking my husband’s dick as it had sucking Mr. Walsh’s. I found that I didn’t even mind the taste of Benny’s jizz. As I swallowed it again, I wondered what Mr. Walsh’s would taste like.

Before I left home, I took one of Benny’s rubbers and hid it in my purse. I figured that if Mr. Walsh wanted to use my honeypot, then I’d at least be ready. When I got to work, Susan came up to me and led me to the ladies’ restrooms.

“You did well last night, Alice. Mr. Walsh liked it a lot. He wants you again tonight.”

“Thank you, Susan. Will you be there too?”

“No. Mr. Walsh has asked me to do a special job for him. We have an important visitor to the club and Mr. Walsh wants me to be nice to him.”

“Oh. How do you feel about that?” I was afraid that Mr. Walsh was training Susan to be a whore, and I didn’t want that to happen to her — or to me.

“Oh, it’s fine. I’ve met the guy before. He’s handsome and rich. Mr. Walsh has asked me to do whatever he wants to keep him happy. He says there’ll be a very special present in it for me if I do a good job. I’m quite excited.”

“Sure. I hope it goes well.”

“So do I. But Mr. Walsh asked me to make sure you were properly prepared for tonight. He wants me to shave you.”


“Shave your pussy, like I do. He wants you soft and smooth for him. I guess he’ll want to eat you. He’s very good with his mouth.”

“But — but what’ll I tell Benny?” I suddenly had a surge of panic. It was one thing to go home with some new ideas I could say I’d picked up from another girl, but this was different.

“I guess Mr. Walsh thinks that’s your problem. Anyway, I brought the razor and the soap, so if you’d like to take your skirt and panties off, I’ll do it now. Don’t worry — I’ve had lots of practice and I won’t cut you.”

It felt very strange, having Susan shave all of my pubic hair off. All the while she was doing it, I kept thinking of what I could tell Benny. When Susan had finished, she smoothed some cream on my vulva. It started to make me wet.

That night, some big guy came in, followed by three bodyguards. He was tall, maybe six-six, handsome enough but built like he may have been a boxer — or maybe a prizefighter fragman izle — in an expensive silk suit. Mr. Walsh came down in his tux, with Susan on his arm in a slinky evening dress. She looked very sultry dressed like that — a bit like Pola Negri. Mr. Walsh led the group off to a table and ordered champagne. It was strange to see Susan sit down with the customers like that. Clearly, Mr. Walsh had something in mind.

Later in the evening, after they’d all eaten and drunk, Mr. Walsh called me over to offer some cigars. The big guy — and his bodyguards — stared at my boobies, which is what I think Mr. Walsh had in mind. Maybe he was trying to impress the guy, or maybe he was trying to cut a deal and to get the guy to think with his dick rather than his brain.

“Jimmy, this is our cigarette girl, Alice. She is quite an asset to us. In fact she has at least two assets that you’ve already noticed.” They all laughed. I smiled and pretended not to mind. I noticed that Susan was sitting between Mr. Walsh and this Jimmy guy, almost leaning on the stranger. Her dress was showing off her own boobies too, so Jimmy had two pairs to choose from.

After they’d taken some smokes from the tray — on the house, Mr. Walsh said, which of course reduced my commission and tips — and smoked them, Mr. Walsh led the group upstairs to the gambling tables. He came down again about a half hour later. Susan wasn’t with him, and I didn’t think it a good idea to ask where she’d gone.

Later, when the club was clearing and I was checking how much I’d sold that night, Ginni told me that Mr. Walsh wanted to see me in his office. I’d known that I’d be needed, so I’d prepared in the usual way and put the ball in. That, and the thought of what was going to happen in Mr. Walsh’s office, had made me so wet. I guess Mr. Walsh was right. Having had some really good sex for the first time in my life was turning me into a real slut.

Mr. Walsh smiled when I entered his office. “Good evening, Alice. I’m so glad you came back. I’m feeling in particular need of you tonight, as Susan is otherwise engaged. Now, before we start, would you please take off all of your clothes for me, and then put on the outfit that’s over that chair?”

So I undressed for Mr. Walsh. I guess I tried to make it more of a burlesque, or the best I could do having never done anything like that before. The panties had to come off before the stockings and corset, so it was an upside-down strip, but Mr. Walsh seemed to like it.

“You have beautiful titties, Alice. I didn’t get much of a chance to look at them last night. Jimmy admired them earlier, but now I can see them properly I realize that they are really something special. Try on the outfit over there and let me see how it suits you.”

Firstly, there was this boned lace strapless corset-like brassiere that pushed my boobies up and out, and finished just above my waist. There was a lovely pair of silk stockings, with garters like I had with the cigarette girl outfit, some long silk evening gloves and some pretty shoes. “Where are the panties, Mr. Walsh?” I asked, looking around. I guessed they must have fallen down behind the chair.

“There aren’t any panties, Alice. You’ll need to get used to not wearing them with this outfit.”

I was a little surprised, but not knowing what he had in mind, I just decided to go along with it. I picked up the dress, which was beautiful silk. I stepped into it and Mr. Walsh came around to lace it at the back. The top was cut even lower than the cigarette-girl dress I was used to wearing. Also, the skirt was even shorter, but instead of the petticoats I was used to, it was flared and made of stiff fabric so it hung wide. I put on the gloves and the shoes — the heels were an inch higher than I was used to — and I walked up and down. It felt very strange, to feel the cool air on my naked and hairless pussy, under the wide-flared skirt. Mr. Walsh had me go up some steps at the rear of his office while he sat at the bottom. He seemed to like the view.

“Mr. Walsh, it’s a very pretty outfit, but — but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

“That’s precisely the point, Alice. I’d like you to take on a new role on the second floor, as a hostess in the gambling rooms. You’ve shown me that you can charm the customers — especially the men, and we have only men upstairs. I need them to act big, bet big and lose big. For that, they need a distraction, and someone to impress. I think that’s you, Alice.”

“But Mr. Walsh, you’re not planning to make me become a — a — a whore, are you?”

Mr. Walsh laughed. “Alice my sweet, I’m sure you’d make a very good whore, but no, I only want the men to think they might be able to fuck you, but not let them really fuck you. To do that, I have to make you seem available. So you wear the dress, you don’t wear panties, you keep your pussy shaved so if they get to see, they get a nice surprise. And any guy who goes too far gets a talking to from me — or maybe from Johnny dizi izle and Paddy.”

“But I like my job as the cigarette girl, Mr. Walsh.”

“Sure you do. And you’ll like the new job even more when you’re getting a fifty percent raise.”

Fifty percent! What could I say to that? “OK Mr. Walsh, just so long as I don’t have to have sex with the customers, I’ll do it.”

“Sure you will, Alice. I have no doubt that you’ll do a fantastic job, and make the customers as horny as hell. You’ve made me as horny as hell, and I’d like to know what you’re going to do about it.”

“Well first, Mr. Walsh, you’ll have to help me out of this dress. I don’t want to ruin it before we start.”

A few minutes later I was naked except for the stockings and garters; I knew Mr. Walsh really liked that. He’d also taken his clothes off, and like I said, his body looked pretty good. I guess he was around twice Benny’s age, but he was strong and fit. I sat on the couch and he stood in front of me. First, he wanted me to rub his dick between my boobies, and then I sucked him for a while. I was getting the hang of this now, and he really seemed to like it. But then he changed again. He turned me around on the couch, knelt astride my face and put his head between my legs. His dick went back into my mouth and he started to thrust it in, which I didn’t like too much, but then he started licking between my legs, which I liked a lot. I liked it so much that I climaxed after only a couple of minutes.

He kept pushing his cock into my mouth, and though it wasn’t comfortable, I’d kinda learned to control my gag and I wasn’t going to puke over him. I’d guessed he wanted to come in my mouth, but again he changed, turning around so he was between my legs.

“Now it’s time for me to try out that sweet little cunt,” he said with what I thought was a rather nasty leer.

“Mr. Walsh, please. I have a rubber in my purse. If you want to — to try my — my honeypot, could you please wear it?”

“Sorry, Alice. I don’t wear rubber. But don’t worry, I’ve fucked dozens of girls and never made one pregnant yet. I promise I won’t come in your cunt.”

As I felt his dick start to slide inside me, I thought ‘and what could you do if he did?’ That made me tense, so it hurt a little as he went in.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, Alice. Feels like Benny hasn’t been doing the business.”

His mention of Benny and the fact that I was now getting it from Mr. Walsh in my honeypot, where only my husband had ever been, made me even more tense. After a few thrusts, Mr. Walsh seemed to sense this.

“Hey, Alice, relax. I swear I won’t make you pregnant. I’ll pull out before I come.”

“I’d prefer it, Mr. Walsh, if you could please stick it in my butt instead.”

He laughed. “Alice, you must be the first girl I’ve met who actually wanted me to fuck her in the ass instead of her cunt. But baby, just relax, let me do what I want to do. Then afterwards, maybe you’ll get your ass-fuck.”

I took a deep breath and tried to relax a little. He started some slow thrusts, changing his angle to rub those areas where it felt extra good. I looked up at Mr. Walsh’s face. He was enjoying it, and he kept looking down at my boobies. Then he arched his back a little more and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it and rolling his tongue around it.

He lifted his head for a moment and said “rub your pussy, Alice,” before dipping and sucking the other nipple. I did as he told me, and soon I’d forgotten about Benny or getting pregnant, and just enjoyed all of the sensations I was getting. Mr. Walsh’s dick inside my honeypot felt good — better than Benny’s had ever done — and he worked my sensitive nipples beautifully, until they tingled. I rubbed my special spot and that made things even better.

Mr. Walsh seemed to have a lot of control and stamina. After what felt like around ten minutes, I was pretty excited. His dick was still rubbing all the pleasure zones most of the time, and sometimes he shoved it in hard which felt different but still good. He played with my nipples and my boobies with his mouth and his hands. Then he sneaked a hand under me and slipped a finger in my butt-hole.

About then, I had my first climax. He could feel it, because he said “so Alice. You like to get — fucked — hard — like this? Makes you — come — don’t it?”

I was just gasping “Oh God!” over and over, and the waves went on and on. Then suddenly he pulled out, climbed over my body and stuck his dick in my mouth. I could taste my honeypot juices, and after about a half dozen thrusts, I could taste his jizz as he spurted into my mouth. It made me cough. Mr. Walsh obviously liked it, because he was making these noises that said we was climaxing real strong.

Then he stood up and looked at me. “It’s a pity you’re already married, Alice. I could make you the most expensive whore in New York. You could live in a penthouse in Manhattan and drink champagne all day. And you could get driven to hotels in chauffeur-driven Cadillacs to fuck the richest men in town and get given so many presents you’d have to give them away. But you’ve chosen to be a housewife and a cigarette girl. Still, you fuck beautifully, so the least I can do is taste that nice pussy again.”