Gretchen’s Encounter


When Gretchen took a seat on the northbound Amtrak train departing Lincoln Station, her car was noticeably empty, a rare thing even though it was eleven in the evening. She found herself on this route at least once a month. Going to visit her mother who was in a nursing facility in Hartford Connecticut.

There were no more than five others that she could count, and they were some rows ahead of her. She settled into a window seat and slipped her earbuds in. Hannah Grace was singing “I’d rather go blind”.

Knowing this route fairly well, she was not surprised when the train began to slow and finally stop at the station in the small town of Norwalk. The stop was short, and the train was moving again in just a few minutes.

“Do you mind?” A feminine voice stirred Gretchen to look up. She was pointing to the seat beside Gretchen. Gretchen nodded.

The woman sat down beside Gretchen. “I really dislike setting alone.” She explained. “You never know, right?”

Gretchen removed her earbuds. “Excuse me?”

“People.” The woman said. “Never know who might want to set beside you.” She waved a hand in the air. “When you are escort london alone.” She explained.

“Oh, yes, of course.” Gretchen replied.

“Lilith.” She said. Instead of offering Gretchen her hand, she simply patted Gretchen on her knee. A leg that was bare to mid-thigh. Gretchen was nineteen and short skirts were something she was quite fond of. Gretchen was a lovely, beautiful girl. Tall and slender, and her short curly black hair framed her face in a most adorable way.

She offered Lilith a slight smile but eased her leg away slightly.

“Oh my.” Lilith said. “I’ve made you uncomfortable.” She added. “I am very sorry.” She grinned at Gretchen. “Always been a little touchy-feely I suppose.

“It’s fine.” Gretchen said. “I just, well, wasn’t expecting that.”

“Off course. Sure. I totally understand.” Lilith replied. She was turned in her seat, sort of facing Gretchen. “And you are? Besides being a little nervous.”

“I am what?” Gretchen said,

Lilith was grinning again. “Your name?” Lilith said.

“Oh of course. Gretchen.” She said. “I’m not nervous. Really.”

“Good to know.” Lilith dubai escorts said. She watched Gretchen. “I guess if I had asked permission first?”

Gretchen looked at Lilith. “Permission?”

“To touch your leg.” Lilith said. She ran her hand along the length of Gretchen’s thigh. Her finger pointing at bare flesh. Very close but not actually touching her.

“Why would you want to do that?” Gretchen asked.

“Why? Really?” Lilith tilted her head back. feigning a laugh. “Sweetie, you are young, gorgeous and just happen to be on my train ride home. It’s dark, the car is empty, and we have a couple of hours to pass.” When her fingers touched Gretchen’s knee this time, Gretchen didn’t flinch. But she was watching Lilith intently.

So, you’re gay?” Gretchen said.

“I am indeed.” Lilith’s finger eased up Gretchen’s thigh to the hem of her skirt. She eased the material up just slightly. Before Gretchen could reach for her hand which she was indeed attempting to do, Lilith lifted her finger off the smooth cool flesh of Gretchen’s thigh. She raised her hand until her finger touched the underside of Gretchen’s chin.

The Escort Dubai slight pressure was enough to still Gretchen. It guided that petite face toward Lilith. Turned it up slightly. Gretchen watched, seemingly helpless as Lilith leaned slowly forward. Her smile changed to determination. Gretchen watched the tip of Lilith’s tongue moisten her lips. She was helpless to resist should she have wanted.

Lilith’s lips found Gretchen’s. The kiss was soft, the touch, gentle, and the sensation was cool to Gretchen’s mouth.

Gretchen found herself unwillingly kissing Lilith back. When Lilith’s lips parted from Gretchen for only a second, she whispered. “Pull your skirt up. I want to see you.”

“I can’t. I shouldn’t.” Gretchen protested.

Lilith’s hand found Gretchen’s bare knee once more. Her fingers began the journey along her thigh. Her hand slipping under her shirt. The next sensation for Gretchen were Lilith’s fingers caressing the crotch of her silk panties.

Gretchen’s confusion was trying to protest while her legs spontaneously eased apart on their own.

Lilith’s middle finger began to rub along the folds of Gretchen’s labia. Her thumb pressing on her clitoris. Gretchen began to shake. Her hand found the back of Lilith’s head. Her tongue searching into Lilith’s mouth.

“I do love my rides home.” Lilith whispered.

Gretchen moaned.