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After our first sucesfull orgy with our baby sitter, she wanted to join in on the rest, so over the next year she got plenty of cock and pussy to play with.

We still met her between the orgies, then she changed jobs, and worked for a retail outlet in our city, so week nights were harder for her to spend a lot of time away.

Then one weekend, she rang to say she was going to see a band that was playing in town, they had seen her in the shop and given her free ticket to go, so we wouldn’t see her this weekend. The pop band was from America and was four guys, which at that time would have been mid 30 or 40, and a good group.

The next week she rang to say she wanted to come over mid week for fun, we were happy to say yes, Shelia said she had some thing to tell us, but wanted to tell us face to face.

Wednesday night she came straight from work, we let her shower and get ready and fed her, then we put our kids off to bed, Shelia was nervous and hesitated telling us. She had told us the show was good and the guys performed great, when she said that she had her shy smile on her face.

After a drink or so, she told us about the show, and how they had invited her back stage, then to their hotel for drinks. I knew what was going to come next and said “How many” shyly she said. ‘All of them, then the roadies too’.

We laughed, and kissed her, saying we had created a monster, she took us by the hand into the bed room and the fun started, as we fucked her she told us how they had teased her, because she had worn a mans white shirt, black mini skirt and high heels making her 6ft plus, but she did wear a white half cup bra, and white nickers, just for modesty.

It seemed the good looking one, she wanted to fuck her, bet $200 she wouldn’t take her shirt and mini of to show them her body, when she did they nearly fainted, her hard nipples showing proud, and her shaved pussy wet with excitement, had left a wet spot on her nickers.

It seems then another one bet her, $200 to take the bra of,she did, she said her nipples hurt being so hard, stood out so proud you could hang her shirt on them.

It was when another said, Double it for the pants, she really got horny and slipped her knickers of to the floor, standing in just her heels, would have looked great, her slender legs look good any way, but in heels, even better.

After that she said they all attacked her, grabbing her boobs as fingers went in her pussy, but she wasn’t trying to get away, in fact she said she had hoped they would fuck her. The four band members, soon had her on the bed, and the first of them stuck his cock in her pussy and fucked her, while the others took turns fucking her mouth. .

Soon they had all fucked her and dropped a load of their cum deep in her cunt, as soon as they got hard again she told them to stick a cock in her ass, this lead to another round and her being dp by them several times.

Shelia said they were all good and made sure she was enjoying the fucking, and was she ok with them all fucking her, she told then now she had taken on more guys at one of our orgies, it was then one said they could believe that seeing as she was handling them all easy, and by the look of it they would need some help to keep her happy now too.

Some time later, she heard the door, and guys talking, out of the blue, while her pussy was fully of cock, a new bigger cock began to fuck her ass, feeling the size she looked back to see a huge black roadie fucking her. When you remember in the early 80’s in Australia, dark skinned guys were not to common, and to have one about to fuck you, even more uncommon, her first instinct was to tell him not too, but by now Shelia was to horny to stop and she told us she pushed back taking his huge cock deep in her ass. more hands found her boobs and pussy, sending her into some really great orgasm’s.

She noticed a few more dark hands and cocks now, as the one filling her ass with man seed pulled out, allowing another huge cock to find her cum soaked ass ready for use. It was after about the third black cock had fucked her ass, she was really going strong, others also kept her pussy open too, they all took turns fucking her pussy or ass, but now her ass was getting more attention, and cum.

But this next cock she told us was trying to open her up like nothing before, she said it was about then she saw how many guys were waiting to fuck her, some 10 roadies as well as the band members,

While escort service she kept her mouth on a cock she moved her arms around, pulling her anus open more, trying her hardest to except this new flesh in her, but it was tight, at first she said to tight, then she knelt up, and told the new guy to lay down, as she saw his cock, she knew it was going to be a struggle, some 12 inches long and thicker than her arm,

Being determined and horny, she sat with her ass right above his cock, she slowly lowered her body down, the other guys looking on as she made ever effort to take him, but each time it wouldn’t go in, she told a couple of them to lift her up under the arms, her hands still holding her ass open, another guy took her feet, with care they began to lower her ass onto his cock, an inch or two went in she said, then she said she did some thing she regretted slightly after wards, she told then to drop her onto his meet.

The first time they lowered her onto his cock, and more went in, but she said possible only an extra inch or so, she told them to lift her again and drop her harder.

She was determined to have it in her, and she got it all, she told us she screamed like never before as her full weight took over and her ass was torn open his cock now fully home brought tears to her eyes

But now he was in, and began fucking her, soon pleasure took over from the pain and she rode him for some time, then he flipped her over and rammed his meat fully into her exposed ass, now it went in deeper still, and he pounded her for ages, she then said his cock grew even bigger as he pulled her hard onto his cock, and although she’s felt cocks pulse inside her when guys cum, this cock was so big it made her orgasm to the point she nearly passed out.

He flooded her to over flowing. the guys played with her as she screamed in ecstasy, she told us, his cock not going soft just kept pumping hot sticky cum deeper and deeper inside her now abused hole.

When he finally went limp she stood up, she said reams of cum flowed out, her kinky side took over, while he lay resting, she sat on his face, cum still running out as he tongue lashed her ass.

After that fuck, she told the others her ass was closed for the moment as it was a bit sore. but they could still use her pussy and mouth, every now and then one would give her ass a fuck and keep it open, by now she told us she was covered in dry cum, and her inner legs stuck together if they ever got to close.

One of the guys pulled her over, her head on the floor and her back against the bed, leaving her ass and cunt open for them to fuck, she said they took turns, wanking and fucking her pussy then standing over her and dropping all their cum in either hole, once her ass was full they continued until her pussy was full and then she said the kinky games began.

One guy got a glass, and with them holding her tipped her over to empty the cum they had filled her with, then told her to drink it, Sheila poured some over her face and hair, then drank the rest, then resumed the same position for more cum. Between all the guy she said they filled her holes again, and the glass again this time she drank that, but dribbled some down her chin onto her boobs and rubbed that in, She told us, with a sly smile, she knew she was acting like a complete slut, but at the moment in time, she didn’t give a shit and enjoyed it all

She told us later, it was because I had taken some large toys etc in my ass, that she knew her ass would open to take his cock, and with a smile said” and Now I know why you like big cocks or toys too”

Seeing as it was around mid night when they started to play, she said it was no surprise to see the sun come up while they took turns with her, some of the guys must have had naps, and boasted their energy to keep going, as she told us it was close to lunch when finally they gave up, only because they needed to sleep before the next nights show.

She did say, the guy who brought some food up and drinks got a eye full as she was laying naked on the bed, cum dripping out every where as he set the food out for them, so again feeling kinky and horny she stood, walked around him and pushed her tits in his face, then wiped a finger in her pussy and licked the cum of it giving him a wicked smile as she did, when she saw his prick sticking out she went down and rubbed it for him but he made his excuse and left. the guys told her she was a wicked lady and laughed.

She independent escort dubai slept with them in the hotel beds, one or two giving her a quick fuck before going to the nights performance, tonight she got to see the show from back stage. well the roadies soon stripped her naked and began fucking her against the stage,

Shelia had taken 3 or 4 roadies, as the Australian support bands crew joined in too, between them and the American roadies, she was kept busy and full, then without her being asked, several guys took her to the front of the stage, slightly below the main crowd area, and let her watch the US band playing up close, while she was still being fucked.

As the Us band finished, the roadies got Shelia to slip her mini and shirt back on, and took her out on the stage, to pick up the instruments, she said every time she bent over her ass was on full show and cum was dribbling down her legs, but doubted that could be seen from there.

From Saturday night until late Sunday evening, they kept her busy, the Aussie support crew and band got an invite back to the hotel seeing as they had traveled together around the country, she was in heaven, every hole was filled to over flowing, she said she was fucked by three black guys at the same time too, more than once, with big cock in her ass, and all came together giving her one of the best ever orgasms.

It appears Sunday evening when she had just about got all the cum they had to give her, they fell asleep, around 6 am Shelia was woken by guys fucking her, they kept her going until she told them she had to go to work, After a shower and plenty of hands to help her, Sheila found her Mini and top, the band members gave her a wad of money saying this is the money we bet you to strip,

Because the hotel was only a block or so from her work she walked there, guys giving her big smiles seeing her slim body though her white shirt and near naked pussy and ass. which she told us was leaking cum every where, and by the time she got to work she had to wash a trail of wet cum from off her legs, she never did find her bra or panties. Lucky she could grab some store clothes to wear for the day at work.

We had fucked her for a few hours now, my cock staying hard as she told us about her fun, Sue had been eaten out and both girls received a good load or two of cum, Shelia’s ass got my biggest load of cum.

Three weeks later she came over again, we really did miss our fun with her, and she told us why she hadn’t been around as much.

It seems she must have said some thing to one of the ladies she worked with and some how the big boss heard about it too, as the next week he invited her to a company dinner, at a large hotel, when she got there it was just the two of them, he was mid 40 or so.

As they ate, he asked about her time at the show, she seemed to know he knew too, and told him she had been invited back for the second night, as friends of the band, he smiled and said yes, good friend too I believe.

By now she knew, he knew, and said they had enjoyed her company and how they all had been kind to her, he implied he would like to be kind to her too, her smile gave her away, as his hand slipped down to her leg.

They ended up in bed where he fucked her till the early hours, she said his big cock felt good too, so after he had fucked her pussy a couple of times, she let him feed her ass a fresh load of cum, he really got of on the anal fuck as his wife never let him do that.

As he drove her home, he arranged another meet later in the week, and not to worry, about taking the day off as he would tee it up with her boss, saying he wanted her to help out in the office. Shelia said yes and met him on the day, at the hotel at 10 am as planed.

He fucked her for a few hours then made a phone call, then went back to work on her, room service came with some food, which he made her answer the door in a small towel, her pussy would have been showing below it, she knew his cum was leaking down her leg too.

After eating they went back to fucking his cock finding all her holes in turn, as she had multiply orgasms, then the door went again, he made her open it again, but told her naked this time, she did, standing slightly behind the door, as she opened it a small built guy walked in.

Turning to see her fully naked he then said, she was every thing he had been told and more, Shelia said hello, walking back to bed, her boss told her Escort Girl Dubai to suck the new guys cock, she watched as he stripped, then she gasped as he dropped his undies, his huge cock fell out hitting his knees.

She was introduced to Mike, a friend of her boss, quickly Mike sucked her tits in his mouth and worked his way down to her shaved pussy, her boss now had her reverse cowgirl in her ass, Mike began to slide his growing cock into her cum filled pussy, Shelia said she was excited as it was some 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist.

With some care and time they both got into a thyme and her orgasm took hold, she said they just pounded her relentlessly for ages, Mikes huge cock ripping her pussy open got to feel better with time too.

Her boss flooded her ass again, the pressure of Mike’s big cock in her pussy must have been to much for him, as she was pulled of him, Mike swung her over, kneeling he went back to her pussy for more, then his finger slipped in her ass, then two and three. she knew he was getting ready to fuck her ass.

Mike pushed his cock at the opening to her ass, she told him to just push it in, he did, slamming it all balls deep first push he told her she was his first anal fuck too, as he built up speed.

She lost count of her anal orgasm, like me once they get a hold and a good cock is fucking me who cares, her boss had his cock in her mouth, and she was shoved from one to the other in quick time, but the cock in her now seemed to be bigger than before, Mike had 3 or 4 fingers in her pussy now too.

She said Mike made a real loud noise and then his cock swelled up and shot gallons of hot cum deeper than she had ever felt inside her ass, both orgasmed together and fell flat on the bed to rest.

But Mike had not finished, as she lay on the bed, his fingers went in further still, her pussy had at least four fingers inside her, then with no fuss or asking, he slammed his fist up inside her cum filled pussy, Shelia jumped up her heart going crazy as the biggest orgasm she had ever had hit her.

Mike worked her pussy, his fist keeping her high, as Shelia tried to move to have a rest, her boss held her firm, his knees next to her head and his cock over her face, with his balls in her mouth, she said he was lucky she didn’t bite them off as she came so hard too.

When Shelia told us about the fist Sue gave me a sly smile, we were still playing, my cock going from hole to hole as she continued to tell us about her fun, then as I thought, Sue pulled my cock from Shelia’s pussy, I held her firmly waiting for what I knew was coming, seconds later Shelia smiled and jumped Sue was working her fist into her pussy, I told her maybe we need to use the big vibe for awhile to open her up more, Shelia said yes please.

As Sue worked Shelia’s pussy open she carried on telling us about her fun, Mike kept fisting her pussy, almost making her faint, then she really got scared when his cock went back to her ass, no way could she take both, but with no fuss or worry, Mike shoved it back in, not being able to move or talk, she had to take it.

It seems the two of them fucked her till 8 pm or so, her pussy was sore and her holes leaking cum, Mike and her boss had cum in both again before letting her go. she said, the pay rise would be good, but hoped they fucked her again too.

By now Sue had fucked her with our big vibe and her fist was on the way in, Shelia took it and began to orgasm hard, I swung around so my cock could get in her ass, it was so tight but I got in and fucked her hard, we worked her up to a frenzy her orgasm took control of her body and her holes relented to our fucking, my balls exploded in her ass, with Sue playing with my cock inside her body.

Not to let her rest I grabbed the big vibe, and replaced my cock with that, Shelia scream as I rammed it in, not telling or giving her the chance to say no, Sue could only just move her fist inside her, it was so tight. but I kept going, her orgasm told us she was ok.

When she fell on the bed, sweating and gasping for air we let her rest, both holes gaping open my cum visible in her ass, then as Sue pulled her fist out Shelia squirted, her first squirt too, at first she was embarrased, but we told her it was normal and let it go.

We rested and talked more about her fun, Shelia said never had she thought about becoming a groupie for a band or letting her boss fuck her, but now she glad she had the knowledge and confidence to go with the flow,

We said maybe its time for a male group fuck all guys and you two girls, Shelia looked at us both and said were we serious, of course, when can we set it up for you.