A Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Five: Sweeties and Stockings


Dear Diary,
The Christmas season has flashed by us so quickly and I can barely wait for the big day! Only another week until I can finally see my gorgeous hunk Kyle… It seems an age since I first started and laid eyes on him, so much has gone off since then, if only he didn’t have to take that vacation…

In the house itself, there was a much warmer feel, tinsel was up around the ceilings, and the two huge trees were up, with presents dropped aimlessly around them. A sign of affection in a boy’s boarding school? Well every seems to be much more cheerful now, a chance to go home and visit relative, which many are, and after all, it’s Christmas! Life never seemed so enjoyable for me. Games and jokes were much more fun now. But sadly, very little sex… But all of that can change! Just wait 7 tiny days!

But shock horror: exams. The one day in December which they have to ruin: today, the 19th. Revision wasn’t going to save me now, I’ve been too distracted by my lack of action! I’m destined to fail. The dreaded hour arrives. And the exam’s just keeps coming. 3 exams in one day can’t be any good for the health.

Right then, what’s first; Maths… Oh God… The first paper in front of me isn’t filling me with confidence… I looked up to see the clock hadn’t even reached the quarter mark when I’d struggled through what I could. It took all of 5 more minutes for me to reach the conclusion I’d done all I could. I sat in silence as the teachers glared at me for being the only one not writing. I could live with that though! Thoughts ran wild inside my head as distractions. Rather too wild…

Cross legged, I took in the surrounding prisoners. Nothing special; all just…hello… Now why haven’t I noticed you before? Might seem a bit of a crap excuse, not noticing someone; I feel like I’ve used it before. The truth is I’d had my eye on this guy before, but nothing huge like before. He was just some eye candy to me. Well best use him while I can!

All I could see from my cell was his arched back and his long spiky blonde hair, very little else. But he had massive shoulders, well worth the view. My eyes ran down his body to his legs, which from this angle had to be the best. They were legs of a stallion! So huge, so muscular, a bead of drool almost left my lips. I hope I get pounded by those one day…

End of Exam 1 and a small break before Chinese, God help me… With my “man in the know” Phil I asked him between sips of orange juice in the common room.
“Well by the looks of things Gabe, you’ve got your eyes on Nathan Ohara.”
“So you know him?”
“Everyone knows Nathan! I’m surprised you don’t. He’s not exactly a private bloke.”
“How do you mean?”
“Well he’s a popularity person. Talks to anyone and everyone he can, feeds on gossip, london escort agency and talk about playing the field!”
“You’ve got some stiff competition with this guy Gabe! And knowing him, I think he might be lining you up for the next shot!”
“But if he’s…” Our conversation was cut short by the clang of the bell for the next exam. I wasn’t focused for Chinese like I was meant to be. Finding out I’m not alone disturbed me slightly, but I couldn’t help thinking of the prospects!

It was at least 20 minutes in when I’d given up with Chinese. My thoughts were getting dirtier the more I thought about Nathan. At least this time he was in the same row as me. I spent much of the next 10 minutes looking at him whenever no one was looking. By looking at his face, I couldn’t help thinking about what Phil had told me about him being a player. It looked so innocent and childish, it looked cute how he was concentrating on the paper in front of him. His hair was light and fluffy, perfect to run your hands through. He turned to lean on his hand, and I swear he gave me the second glance. Things were looking up. Until…
“Williams! A word! Outside!” barked a teacher. The sound of my cursed surname shocked me enough. I’d been rumbled. I trudged outside under the glare of the adjudicator, who slammed the door behind us.

“I saw you last time Williams, not working on your exam paper and just staring at the other candidates! Mr. Owen has told me of your…problem…” That must have been the House Leader… I recalled the memories of that day, drowning out the drone of the teacher “But I’ve had enough of your distractive attitude! I want you to stay back during free time and you won’t leave until you’ve answered every single question! Is that clear?”
“Yes sir…” I droned back at the old fart, and slumped back into the exam room, back to my long staring.

Lunch was late, and I was gagging for it before the last exam. I wasn’t in a great mood eating my sandwiches in the hall, when Nathan decided to make an appearance. He sat down next to me in my usual corner of the lunch hall, his boyish charm smeared all over his face
“Hey” he grinned at me. I felt I needed to at least respond, but his face melted my voice and I managed little more than a smile. “I saw what you did back then” A sudden twinge hit my stomach.
“You noticed?”
“Like hell I did!” he said, still smirking, oozing innocence. “Must be a real pain staying back afterwards.” His white eyes were glistening along with his teeth, he looked so cute, so felt I needed to at least play along with it.
“Yeah, it is. I’d sure like someone to stay along with me” I stared deep into the brown pools of his eyes and said it long. He seemed to get the message:
“I’ll see what I can do” he independent escort girls grinned and he got up to leave. I found myself staring and his peachy ass and his massive legs as they moved across the hall. I swear he was doing it deliberately. I crossed my legs in quiet confidence for the last exam.

The exam was the least of my worries. I knew I was in for it as soon as I sat down. The adjudicator glared at me as soon as I was visible. He didn’t stop walking over me as he paced up and down the aisles, irritatingly slowly. Behind me, Nathan was just sitting there, either in genuine confusion or in deliberate waiting for the time to come.

An hour and a half later, the last paper was collected, and I feigned excitement:
“Not so fast Williams, you’ve got to stay here and finish your other too paper’s!”
I slumped back into my seat, secretly grinning at myself. The grin grew as I heard behind me:
“What the hell is this Ohara? You’re going to have to stay too and finish this with Williams!” He stormed back past me completely livid and announced: “Right I’m going to have a word with the House Leader about this! You two had better get on before he castrates both of you!” With that he slammed the door.

I barely even managed a snigger when Nathan had already grabbed me by the collar and threw me against the wall. All the boyish charm had gone and released a hungry stare as he forced his lips into mine. They felt so smooth; I couldn’t stop drooling at the feel of them caressing my tongue and lips. Both our hands were wandering aimlessly along each other’s bodies. Mine went instinctively for the hair, each strand so soft and silky, sending my senses wild. His own went under my shirt, pulling tightly at my back, squeezing us both together. I couldn’t control myself any longer, and as he was busy with his tongue, my hands retreated lower; down his back, tickling him into me; around his firm buttocks, releasing a growl from inside him; and down his huge thighs. God they felt good. I squeezed, and he had to stop kissing to let out a squeal of delight. We both stared into each other, both knowing what we wanted. His eyes were glowing brighter than before as he lifted up his left leg and place it on the desk beside us. I was engulfed in this beautiful piece of body with no escape. I looked back at his eyes, my hands still frantically caressing his leg. Our lips got closer about to kiss once again when my hand felt something unusual. I lifted up the bottom of his trousers to find fishnets crawling up his legs.

Taken back I said:
“You wear these often?”
“No, just today, I felt lucky! Do you like them?” He didn’t give me chance to answer before he dropped his trousers. “Look what you’ve done to me!” he gestured towards his boxers, where Escort in dubai one hand was already lustfully rubbing. It revealed a huge bulge. “No-one’s ever got me this dripping before. I fucking want you pretty boy! Give me your hand!” This boy was quick, as he just grabbed my hand and forced me to caress his huge lump. He gasped at the sensation of cold hand meeting oh so hot dick. How I wished he’d just do the same to me. “You like it Gabriel? You really want it that bad?” That needed no answer. “Then go for it. Shove my hot prick into your mouth!” And I thought he was quick. I was on my knees instantly, unbuttoning his soggy underwear. As it flicked out, precum hit my eye, but I didn’t care. It tasted even better on his cock. It was inside way quicker than Nathan had thought, and he groaned in complete ecstasy. Dick had never tasted sweeter, this hardcore in an exam room?! Never in my wildest dreams! I ran it in and out faster than a candy cane at Christmas. After minutes of drenching sucking, it was my turn to get frisky.

“Right you; get those wet boxers off, Gabriel’s going to give you an early Christmas present!” His eyes lit up once again. I started fisting my already growing cock as he tantalisingly removed his underwear. This turned to frantic wanking by the time he sprung into his position, leg over me against the wall.
“Okay, Gabriel, fuck baby Nathan’s ass nice and hard, make him cum like the cock-loving slut that he is!” His words made me growl and I rammed straight into his tight buttocks; making him howl in glee. I did exactly as he demanded and started to fuck frantically as his ass struggled to hold on. He just kept screaming for more. I could feel at the end of my dick him trying to grab at me, but I was just too fast. My God it felt good on my prick to feel him tighten on me. I spanked my hands against his rounded ass. I lost count how many orgasms the hot bitch had as I fucked harder and harder into him; possibly 5 or more, but they all ran together as his thick cock spasmed out of control, leaking his warm juice all over my shirt. My hands wandered again, pressing down every strand of his sexy fishnets. He lustfully stared at me as I caressed his firm thighs, bouncing playfully up and down. With each bounce another squirt of semen erupted from his glorious dick. I wanted to lap it up, desperate to taste the creaminess of cum. His screams got louder as my aching pecker swelled ready to blow. With one final ram, it happened. An explosion of spunk made me screech in absolute joy; and he melted and the sensation of fresh hot cum filling up his ass.

But at that moment the door burst open:
“Oh good God! What the hell do you think you boys are doing?! In an exam room as well! I turn my back for 5 minutes and you’re all over each other like rabbits! This cannot be acceptable!”
“Oh lay off them John” the saviour of the House Leader said smoothly. “I’m sure this will at least be a very good learning curve for them both!” He winked at me as he left the room.