A Family Betrayal Chapter 13


It’s been a month since graduation and what a month it as been. Jasmine, Jack, Adam, and I took a month off from everything as to just relax and spend time with our family. Lil Greg and Dakota seemed to love the attention they are getting from their uncles and daddy. Even Dakota likes the attention when he is here on the weekends as his two mothers bring him up to be with his cousin. The weekends are more of family time since Faye, Diamond, and Hannah work still. Diamond, Jasmine, and I still venture in our relationship, but now take it out onto the beach at night. Their moans are drowned out by the ocean waves as they clash against the sandy shore. Faye and Hannah have caught us a few times calling us kinky fuckers. Diamond, Jasmine, and I just laugh to their words off to only agree with them. Jack and Adam hang out on the beach as it’s the one thing they have been use to all these summers. We are a strong family being there for one another. Batman has really taken to all of us as he is like our son in ways none of us would see. When the boys are taking a nap on the living room floor he lays between them, but after a bit both Lil Greg and Dakota hug up to him as a older brother. I just have to smile as he looks at me giving me what looks like a smile back. Although taking a month off during June also helped me get some things started as in starting my own company. I decided to use my business sense. I got with my lawyer and his partners in the law firm telling them my plans. After listening to me they agreed to help things get started. After all the red tape as well as looking for the right building my business was finally approved after getting all the legal paper’s and business license. My family supported me all the way saying they would always be here for me. So after everything was set up, the building found, and employees hired HThompson Enterprises was born. I took my family for a walk through the building that was going to be filled with my workers. Adam said it was going to be a good start at a successful business. Everyone agreed as my son and nephew giggled. After that day I knew I was going down a road my father would be proud of.

I placed a ad in the paper for a secretary. I made it be known she had to be reliable, hard working, intelligent, and able to work long hours as to make the business run smoothly. I was sitting in my office that first week in July on a Wednesday around 10 a.m. when a knock came to my office door. I stood making my way to the door only to open it to see a woman standing on the other side. I looked in her eyes before speaking.

“ May I help you ma’am?” I ask as she gives me a nod with a smile

“ I hope so I have been looking for a Mr. Heath Thompson.” She answers as I nod

“ That’s me what is this about?” I ask feeling I have met her before

“ Yes, I am here for the secretary job you had in the paper.” She tells me as I see the paper in her hand

“ Yes I placed that ad a few days ago. Your the second person to answer it.” I state as she nods again

“ I hope I am not too late for the job?” She asks as I shake my head

“ No, no just in time. Please come in so we can talk about why I should hire you Ms.” I exclaim as she walks by me

As she walks in I can not shake the feeling I know her from somewhere as I shut the door. I make my way to my desk motioning to her to sit in a chair that is just a foot away from my desk. As I return to my chair she takes a seat looking confident.

“ My name is Kaye Anders.” She tells me as I nod

“ So Kaye do you have a resume that I can look at, or any work experience being a…..wait did you say Kaye?” I start to ask but her name caught me off guard

“ Yes, I did some temp work at the hospital the last part of last year, and the beginning of this year.” She tells me as I nod

“ I thought you looked familiar. You asked for my son and nephews names.” I state as I see her nod with a smile

“ Greg and Dakota if I remember right.” She exclaims as I nod

“ That’s right you remember their names?” I asked as Kaye giggled

“ Why wouldn’t I Mr. Thompson as they are good strong names for two little cuties. So how are the little ones doing?” She answers as I smile hearing her ask after

“ They are doing good growing fast.” I answer with a chuckle

“ That’s good.” She says pulling out a envelope standing up to hand it to me

I accept it to only open it to see it’s her resume. I look it over seeing names, phone numbers, addresses. One business name caught my eye as I looked up at her.

“ Ghost LLC?” I asked as she grinned

“ Yes it’s owned by a friend of mine. He needed a secretary for awhile.” She tells me as I just nod

I keep going over the resume seeing she was my best candidate for the job. I place the papers down only to scoot up to my desk a bit more looking into her eyes.

“ Kaye I hope this doesn’t sound bad to say, but you are what I am looking for. I hope you don’t mind working extra hours for awhile until this company gets rolling smoothly?” I tell her asking seeing her head shake

“ Not at all Mr. Thompson as I do need the extra money.” She tells me as I nod

“ Good, your hired so take this down to pay roll on the second floor. Tell Francine your my new secretary. She will give you the proper papers to fill out. Lunch is around 12:30 p.m. and if you don’t mind we can talk then so we can get to know one another ok.” I explain to her getting a smile followed by a nod

I write a little note for Fran telling her about Kaye. I hand it to Kaye standing up extending my hand. She stands up accepting the note then accepted my hand to shake. As she left I sat back in my chair thinking of how this was going to be a great day as I just hired a good secretary by the resume. I looked at my ring that was given me 4 years ago smiling as I felt a warm feeling run through me.

“ Thanks Grandma May if it wasn’t for you I have no idea where I would be.” I exclaimed before pulling a folder towards me to look through

As the rest of the morning went by. Kaye started helping me with paper work that needed to be done. She showed me my decision was the right one as to hiring her. She made sure the filing was up to date as well as everyone’s schedule was confirmed since everyone worked only 5 days a week. I made sure my employees had weekends off for their families and good benefits as to child care and a good insurance package. As lunch approached I thought of where to go. I decided on salad telling her to order from the place just across the street. Kaye smiled as she grabbed my phone as I handed her the small menu. After about 10 minutes our food was delivered in which I paid for. I had Kaye join me in my office. As we prepared our salads I started the conversation trying to learn a bit more of my secretary.

“ Kaye are you married or have kids?” I asked as she shook her head

“ No I am as single as I can be.” She answers taking a bite of her salad

“ Oh sorry for prying.” I say seeing a sincere smile

“ No your fine Mr. Thompson.” Kaye says as I chuckle

“ Heath..call me Heath please as Mr. Thompson was my father.” I say with a chuckle as Kaye giggles

“ Ok Heath so what about you? Hows your wife doing?” She asks as I smile

“ Jasmine isn’t my wife. She is my girlfriend as I want to make sure I can give her a wedding she wants at the right time.” I say getting a nod

“ That is sweet so those at the hospital were your family?” She asks as I nod with a smile

“ Yes, well my adoptive family as my real family um well lets just say decided to leave me in the dust.” I exclaim taking a drink of my tea

“ Oh I am sorry for prying to deep.” She says apologizing to me

“ No it’s ok really. I am still dealing with some parts of the why, but I have my family now to help in my healing.” I say as she gives me a sad smile

“ Well if there is anything I can do to help let me know ok.” Kaye tells me as I just smile

“ So what about your family?” I ask as she gives me a disgusted look

“ Well I don’t agree with my dad, as for my mother she is the only one I care for, as for my siblings they could use a good attitude adjustment.” She tells me with some anger

“ Wow sounds like your family as goofed up as mine were, but my mother doesn’t want anything to do with me.” I say feeling so sadness

“ I am sure she does Heath.” Kaye says as I just shake my head giving a no

“ Nope she doesn’t as her letters proved it.” I say as she lowers her head looking at her food before resuming eating

We finish lunch then get back to work for the rest of the day. I am very happy of Kaye’s work as everything that was not completely filed is.

That first month was a little rough as in working out the bugs of the company, but everyone finally got into the swing of things. Kaye proved to be a great secretary by making sure I had all the final paperwork I needed from all the shipments from the different departments in the company. I would feel good leaving work knowing I had the company of my dreams finally on the right path.

As August rolled in my company was starting to show promise. Everyone was happy with their jobs as well with the money they were receiving. Kaye was a hard worker showing she was able to do the job. I told everyone in the family about her. Jasmine looked at me intently the second Friday of August. I was holding Lil Greg who was finally talking like a baby which was more like gibberish.

“ Heath baby why don’t you invite Kaye over tomorrow. We can have a cookout while she gets to know her boss’s family?” My beautiful girlfriend tells me

I look at her searching for any thing out of the ordinary. I didn’t see any signs of jealousy or deep concern just a woman wanting to know one of my employees. Lil Greg was playing with my locket as I debated on her request. After a few minutes of thinking I pulled my phone out looking for Kaye’s number around 6 p.m. I dialed her number only to listen to the ring tones until she picked up on the 4th ring. She said hello as I spoke telling her that she was invited over tomorrow for a cookout. I guess my words surprised her as she got quiet. After a few seconds she asked if I was sure. I exclaimed yes that Jasmine and the family wanted to meet her. I guess she was thinking before telling me she would be here. I told her great telling her to show up around 1 p.m. and bring a swim suit for the beach. I heard her giggle before saying she will. We ended the call saying our goodbyes. I placed my phone down next to me as Lil Greg looked up at me with his bright blue sapphire eyes. I loved my son so much as I held him close as I he smiled.

“ I love you son I just hope I never let you down.” I told him as Jasmine sat on my left placing her right hand on my left thigh

“ Baby you will never let him , the family, or me down. We love you so much and always will.” My beautiful Latina says as I nod

It was about 6:45 p.m. when Diamond and Hannah showed up with Dakota who surprised me by walking to me only to stumble a few times. Once to me he placed his little hands on my knees looking up at me. I could never deny him as I helped him up next to me. Dakota and Lil Greg showed signs of being smart and advanced. I guess they inherited some of my smarts plus Diamond and Jasmine’s as well. I knew both Jasmine and Diamond were trying to teach my son and nephew to talk which was good as I wanted them to learn early. I loved my family very much, but Lil Greg and Dakota were my shining stars as they both helped me stay at peace. Jack decided on pizza for the night which no one complained as we haven’t had a pizza in awhile. Batman loved pizza as he would try and snag a piece out of the box if you let him. As we waited for the pizza to arrive we were all caught off guard by both boys.

“ Da Da.” Dakota surprisingly says looking up from the right of me

“ Da Da.” Lil Greg says after joining his buddy

“ What did they say?” Hannah asks as I am still in shock

“ They said Da Da.” Jasmine exclaims placing Lil Greg in her lap looking at him

Diamond comes over to pick Dakota up looking in his eyes.

“ Kota what did you say baby?” She asks as he says it again

“ Da Da.” He answers as she looks between him and I

“ Heath is your uncle honey.” She says trying to make him understand

“ Da Da.” He says shaking his head

“ Diamond honey I think my grand baby knows the truth already.” Faye says getting our attention as I watch Jacman, Abs, and Hannah stand up all happy before they do their happy dance

“ They said Da Da, they said Da Da.” They both say getting the ‘ twins’ to giggle

“ But mom how is it going to look with guest and everyone else that comes around?” Diamond asks as Faye gets up to comfort her daughter

“ Honey what you, Jasmine, and Heath need to know is even though your not with Heath as a couple. Dakota can see and feel at his age. To him Heath is his dad which is not far from the truth. As for strangers or guests well it’s none of their damn business. As we are family and it should only matter that we care.” Faye explains getting nods as she was right before continuing “ And besides he sees Heath as a father figure.”

Jasmine, Diamond, and I looked at everyone getting nods and smiles. After a few minutes of taking in what all was said Adam spoke up pointing at Jack.

“ Dumb Dumb.” Adam says as the boys look from their uncle to the other

“ Dumb Dumb.” Both my boys say as Jack looks hurt by the words

“ Adam that was not nice. Now apologize to your brother.” Faye says scolding her youngest son as to keeping a straight face

“ Sorry bro just wanted to see if the boys could say it.” He says as Jack shakes his head

“ It’s ok, but I have to admit it was funny.” Jack says as everyone starts to laugh as Lil Greg and Dakota chuckle

Batman looked from the floor at his buddy’s getting up. I watch as he walks over jumping up in my lap to be close to Lil Greg who is in Jasmine’s lap.

“ Batman get down boy.” I say as he looks up at me panting with his tongue out

“ Son I don’t think that is going to happen. You know where ever his buddy’s are he will be there. You might as well get use to him being your third son.” Faye tells me as I look down at my lap seeing the family dog

“ Mom’s right man Adam and I have already accepted Batman as a nephew. Hell it wouldn’t surprise me he has done the same in his own way.” Jack tells me as I notice Adam nod

“ Fine, but I am not putting a diaper on him.” I say getting laughs from them all

After the laughs stop there comes a knock on the door in which Jack goes to answer. He comes back a few minutes later with about 4 boxes of pizza. Jack places them on the coffee table as Diamond places Dakota on my right as Jasmine stands placing Lil Greg down on my left. Both boys move closer as to pet Batman. I chuckle at the sight as everyone gets plates for their slices of pizza. Jasmine and Diamond set the boys down on the floor escorts in london which Batman gets off my lap to be with his human brothers. I have to admit I feel sorry for who ever tries to hurt my boys as they will have a mean ass dog on their leg or arm. As Jasmine hands me a plate with a few slices of sausage pizza I think of this day was a happy one with both boys taking that first step of speaking.

After dinner was over and evening turned to night. Faye and Hannah took the boys with them so Jasmine, Diamond, and I could spend some time together. After we undressed and crawled in bed. Jasmine told Diamond about Kaye my secretary coming tomorrow to meet everyone. Diamond gave me a concerned looking while stroking my manhood. I calmed her nerves by saying her and Jasmine were the only ones I was sleeping if. That my relationship with Kaye was business that’s all. Diamond smiled before taking me deep into her mouth. Jasmine lowers her pussy down over my mouth to give me something really sweet. That night is full of love, lust and moans as they take all that I can give them.
Saturday comes as I hold both boys around 1 p.m. when there comes a knock on the door. I go to answer it to see Kaye standing there in a bikini top and short shorts. She has a smile as I welcome her in. Once the door shuts she turns to look at the boys and I.

“ Oh my they are growing. Hey munchkins how are you both today?’ She ask tickling their chins

Both boys chuckle as they reach for Kaye surprising me.

“ Seems they like you Kaye. Do you want to hold them?” I state as she stands there debating

“ Sure if you don’t mind.” She says as I shake my head

Kaye places her purse and bag down to receive the two waiting boys. Once in her arms I show here to the backyard where my family are. Everyone notices before getting out of the pool or standing up out of the lounge chairs. Jasmine and Diamond come over with concern smiles as they see their boys in the arms of a stranger. I introduce everyone to Kaye as she smiles with a nod.

“ I want to thank you for inviting me over for today. You have such a beautiful home.” Kaye says getting smiles in return

“ Your welcome Kaye it’s our pleasure and thank you for the compliment.” Momma Faye says making Kaye feel welcome

“ Your welcome, but I thought there was a beach as to what Heath said.” Kaye says as everyone chuckles or giggles

“ There is hun past the back gate. Heath built this years ago for Grandma May. She wanted some privacy from the beach crowd.” Jasmine says getting a nod

“ Aww that was sweet of him. Oh sorry about the boys as they wanted me to hold them.” She exclaims getting a few waves

“ No problem Kaye honey. They just like attention and it’s their way of getting to know a person.” Diamond says stepping up to Dakota before continuing “ Isn’t that right baby boy?”

We watch Dakota chuckle as Diamond tickles him. Kaye giggles watching a mother and son have a playful moment. I could see Kaye was starting to relax and get comfortable with my family.

As the day goes by the boys as well as Batman get some what I guess is auntie love from Kaye. I can see my family are welcoming her in more and more. Jack asks Kaye to stay for dinner in which Kaye accepted saying she was here for a cookout anyway. He smiled saying he knew that before starting the grill up to cook. The ladies all went in to make sides for the steaks and chicken Jack was going to grill. Adam and I took the boys down to the beach as Batman followed us down the stairs that led to the water. The thing about Lil Greg and Dakota was they loved the beach. I guess it was how the sand felt or the way the waves hit the shore. Either way they wanted to spend time in the sand. Adam and I took their shirts off so they didn’t get dirty. Adam and I sat in the sand as both Lil Greg and Dakota played in the sand picking some up before tossing the little handfuls up in the air. My brother and I would just chuckle at the boys way of playing.

Once dinner came and went we all adjourn to the living room with Kaye on the floor with the boys. Batman laid beside where Kaye sat holding the boys in her lap. Both cuddled up to her with relaxing smiles.

“ Kaye I think you have two cute handsome boys hanging on you.” Faye says getting giggles

“ I think your right Faye, but I don’t mind as I have taken to them both.” She says with a nervous smile

“ Kaye it’s ok to take to them. They need all the love they can get. Look what we have gotten to know of you we like you.” Jasmine says with a warming smile

“ And I like all of you. It’s just I haven’t had a family that showed sincere warmth in a long time.” She tells us with some sadness

“ Well honey you found a family that shows caring and love. We are all close and will help the other in life.” Faye exclaims as Lil Greg and Dakota hold on to Kaye

“ I see that as these two have not hardly left my side.” She states as we all chuckle or giggle

“ Honey those two are very smart, and get smarter as the days go by.” Hannah says getting nods all around

We talked for a while as I noticed my boys drifting off the sleep. I got up to move over to where Kaye sat to get the boys.

“ Ok you two time for bed.” I state as they keep a hold of Kaye

“ Seems they found a new bed mate son.” Faye says as Kaye giggles

“ Yeah but mom they need to go get in their crib.” I say as Kaye looks at me

“ Heath I don’t mind staying the night if it’s ok, and besides I feel….well at home here.” Kaye says with a smile

“ You don’t mind sweetie?” Diamond asks getting a shake of Kaye’s head

I smile knowing Kaye was becoming a family member. I help her stand since both boys kept a tight hold of her. Jasmine, Diamond, Faye, and Hannah took Kaye and the boys up the stairs to show her to a room she could sleep in. Me and the guys just chuckle at the sight of the boys clinging to Kaye following her new family. I let out a sigh knowing this family just grew to one more. That night around 10 p.m. Jasmine, Diamond, and I go to bed talking about the days events. They are happy to have another sister in the family to talk too. I nod as I hold them both close to me.


Kaye’s POV:

I am laying here in a strange bed in a warm, caring, and loving house. Heath has took me in as family which makes me happy, but a part of me wishes I could tell him the truth of everything. I look to either side of me looking at the two little boys who have accepted me as a auntie but only if they knew. I watch as each one sleeps sucking on their pacifiers. I smile wondering if this is how Michelle felt with Heath. When I think of her and Travis I feel sadness and anger, but I am here to make things right in due time. I first need to keep up with my vow and that is to protect Heath and now his new family that reside in this house. Lil Greg snuggles up more on me making me smile.

“ Don’t worry my nephews for your auntie will keep you safe from harm.” I say as I close my eyes to get some needed sleep


After August the days and weeks went by with no bad events except the letters started up again. My mind raced as to how my mother found me. Her letters never changed except they were more hateful. Jasmine read them when she comforted me at night. I felt sad again because those hurt feelings came back to my soul. Jasmine told me to just send them back without reading them. She also exclaimed she would do it herself so I wouldn’t have to touch them again. I gave her a nod thinking her for being here for me. Jasmine tossed the latest letter to hold me closer to her.

As the months went by my family grew closer and closer to Kaye. The ‘twins’ as we dubbed them would cling to Kaye every time she came over to spend the weekends with us as did Diamond and Hannah. The first Sunday in November as Hannah drove away Batman chased after her. We watched as he stopped halfway down the street as Lil Greg was yelling for him.

“ BATMAN STAY!” My son yelled with tears as he never liked to see Dakota leave

Batman came back whining as if he lost one of his best friends. Once back I let Lil Greg down to comfort his other best friend. He would get on Batman’s back and hold on while Batman went back into the house. We all would laugh at the sight, but knew Batman would be alright as long as one of his buddy’s still remained. As that week went by Friday evening came with Batman scratching at the front door. Jack went to open it only to see Batman run out. I got up after Jack yelled for me. So I did only to get walk past him to see Dakota pet him as Batman licked him as if for the first time. It was a awe moment as Diamond squatted down to pet her son’s dog.

“ Yes Batman we brought your Dakota back now stop licking him so much.” Diamond says as he stops before looking up at her and begins to grumble

“ Diamond baby I think he didn’t like that thought.” Hannah says as Dakota gets on Batman’s back

“ Batman house.” Dakota says before turning as Diamond stands up to giggle with Hannah to see Jack and I shake our heads

We all watch as Batman walks taking my nephew into the house. Both Diamond and Hannah walk up to give us hugs as Diamond gives me a kiss. After the kiss we all walk in to see both Dakota and Lil Greg both giving Batman a hug and petting his back. I know when those two start playing outside more that dog is going to have a hard time keeping up. That evening goes by as Kaye comes over a hour later to get hugs from everyone. Kaye smiles feeling the love that fills the house. Dinner is made, ate, and over by 8 p.m. once in the living room Kaye speaks up as both her nephews snuggle up to her on the couch.

“ Heath, Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah is it ok if I take the boys to the park tomorrow. I won’t let them get hurt or nothing. I just want to spend sometime with them. I want to see how it would feel to be a mother. I would make sure they keep their coats on?” Kaye asks as we all look at each other before nodding

“ Kaye of course you can, but we thought you don’t have a man?” Jasmine asks as Kaye shakes her head

“ Your right I don’t, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have one that I do like. It’s just he is will not really grown up yet. He um is somewhere that he still acts like a kid sometimes.” She answers as the family gives her a sincere expression

“ Well honey you would make a great mother.” Faye says placing a smile on Kaye’s face

We talk for awhile as Batman gets in Kaye’s lap joining his two buddies getting a laugh from us all.


Kaye’s POV: That Saturday afternoon

I am at the park with Lil Greg and Dakota pushing the merry go round for them as they hold onto Batman. I giggle as he had to come with the boys and I. I didn’t mind as I knew he was being a big brother to them. I stop to rest as the boys laugh as Batman tries to stay standing. Once the merry go round stops Batman gets off stumbling as if dizzy. The boys get off doing the same.

“ Dizzy.” Dakota says as I giggle as Lil Greg does as his best friends

I just shake my head with a smile. I ask them where to now as they look around before pointing at the sand box. I give them a nod before taking their hands making our way over. Batman follows us to the sand box. Once there Batman sniffs around I guess to make sure it’s safe before barking once. I take that as him saying it’s ok before helping the boys step in. I let them play as I sit on the bench a foot away. As I sit I think of everything that as been going on the past few years. I let out a sigh looking at the two little boys playing in the sand as my thoughts dwell on Heath.

“ Heath I wish I could tell you who I am, but know that I love ur son and nephew so much my dear little brother.” I say feeling a tear come down my face

It’s a few seconds later I feel a hand on my right knee.

“ You kay anty?” Lil Greg asks me as Dakota and Batman look on

“ Yes baby just a few things on my mind hun.” I answer as they nod

I pick them both up as they giggle holding on to me. Once in my lap I hold them close to me.

“ I love you both so much. How about a ice cream cone?” I tell them getting a smile each

“ We wuv you to.” They both say in unison

Batman barks telling me he does the same. I smile as these three warm my heart up so much. I stood up looking down to tell Batman to follow us. He barked as I made our way back to my car. It felt nice feeling like a mother with both my little guys. They held onto my jacket snuggling up as we finally got to my car. I opened the back passenger door helping them both in. I buckled them into their car seats. Each smiled looking forward to ice cream. I told Batman to get in the back and that was what he did. He sat between both boys as I shut the door. I walked around to the driver door only to get in after. I started up the car to let it warm up. It was a cold day, but not so bad. I looked in the rear view mirror to see both boys reaching for Batman who was panting with his tongue out. It was a cute moment seeing them playing.

After getting the boys a ice cream cone and Batman. I made my way back to Heath’s around 2:30 p.m. As I drove up in front Heath, Diamond, and Jasmine came out with smiles as they ran to the car. I turned my car off as the passenger side back door opened. They all laugh as the boys are all messy from the ice cream cones.

“ Aww boys your messy.” Diamond says with a giggle

“ Sawy.” Both boys say lowering their heads

“ It’s ok baby’s I see Auntie Kaye wanted to treat you for being good boy’s.” Jasmine says looking at me smiling

“ Yes I did as I also feed Batman.” I say as they all laugh

After getting the boys in and Batman I go to the guest room I am given to change. I shut the door and lock it. I walk over to my bag to get out some pajamas. I strip my clothes off even my bra and panties. I grabbed my pajama’s out of the bag I brought with me. I put them on feeling more cozy in them as to the clothes I had on before. I rejoined my new family with a smile seeing the boys on the floor petting Batman who just laid there letting them. I went over to the end of the couch and took a seat. I look at the ones around me as I listen to their conversation. I smile knowing I am making the right choice of being here with a brother I am loving more each day. I am just happy to see he has made his own family in the past years of those that he has got to know. I just wish I could tell him the truth, but in due time I will.


The day is finally here as it’s December. Today is Lil Greg and Dakota’s birthday. We have planned the past month for this day as to making it the best for them. Jasmine, Diamond and I got dressed after a long shower. We made our way to Escort in dubai their room only to be surprised that they both were already up. Both were in the same bed with Batman playing. They were wrestling around with him. He didn’t bite them rough just playfully. We stood in the doorway laughing which got their attention. Each got off the bed slowly helping the other. You could tell they didn’t act like cousins or best friends. No they acted like brothers that cared and loved the other. They even helped their buddy Batman who surprised them by jumping off the bed. I watched as my son ran to me as Dakota ran to both Jasmine and Diamond. I picked my son up as he reached for me. He placed his arms around my neck only to tell me he loved me in his cute way. Dakota did the same to his mother’s you might say as Jasmine accepted him as her own as Diamond did Lil Greg. We took them down stairs after dressing them in birthday attire we bought them just days ago. The shirts they wore had a 1 on the front then birthday boy. Once down in the living room both had wide eyes as Faye, Hannah, Jack, and Adam decorated the room. All four stood there smiling before they all yelled loudly.

“ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL GREG AND DAKOTA!” They all yelled in unison

Both boys screamed with excitement as we let them down to go to their uncles, aunt/mother, and grandmother. They all hugged them taking turns switching between the four of them. The girls and I laughed at the scene that went on in front of us. Faye finally had them both on a hip holding looking between the two with a smile.

“ How about some pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs for breakfast?” She asked getting big bright smiles

We all smiled at their excitement’s as Jack and Hannah started for the kitchen around 8 a.m on this beautiful Monday morning. Faye sat down holding her grand babies like always. Batman got up in her lap getting laughs as the boys started petting him once again. jasmine and Diamond went to the kitchen to get us some coffee as Adam followed them. I sat in my chair looking over at momma Faye and the boys as Batman just laid in her lap.

After breakfast was done then ate we took the boys into the living room having them to sit on the floor before us guys went to get there presents. Once we got back we noticed Kaye showed up. I had her and I take the day off leaving one of my trust worthy managers to handle the company. We placed the gifts around the boys as Kaye placed a few next to them as well. I then grabbed my cell phone to take some pictures. Both of the boys looked at the gifts then at each other as if wondering what was going on. We watched them look up at all of us with confusion.
“ It’s ok guys those are for you. Go ahead unwrap them.” Jasmine says as we see smiles then attempts to open gifts

I watched as they didn’t have that much practice as their mothers went to help having the boys sit in their laps surrounded by gifts. I took pictures of the sight as they opened gifts of toys and clothes. They would giggle after each gift. They were given cars, action figures, books that would help them learn to read. I wanted to start them learning early since they were already smart and talking better then most 1 year old’s. After the last two gifts from Kaye were open they looked all around them in what looked like astonishment. They both looked at me with some confusion.

“ Daddy this all ours?” Lil Greg asked as I gave him a grin nodding

“ Yes son all the gifts are both yours. Although the clothes are separate between you both.” I tell them seeing smiles and bright eyes

Dakota’s left eye was the bright blue one and it was as bright as Lil Greg’s. We all laughed as they both started to play as Batman just watched as well seeming a bit sad. I went over to lift the seat cushion retrieving the big bone toy with a bow. I stepped over to Batman kneeling down showing him the bone. I gave him a smile as he looked up at me.

“ Did you think we would forget you boy?” I asked as he looked from me to the boys then the bone

I watched as he came to me placing his front paws on my legs to lick my hand before going to the bone to shake it back and forth in his mouth. I took pictures of him as well since it was kind of his birthday to I suppose.

The day was spent celebrating the day of their birth. It was about 3 p.m. when it was time for the cake. We sat them in their high chairs with each having a small cake. After they blew out the candle they looked up at us all wondering what now. Jack took it upon himself to put his two cents in.

“ Just eat the cake guys as they are yours.” He states as the boys look from him then at each other

Before we knew it they both sunk there faces in the cake then their hands throwing cake at Jack who was close enough to receive cake on his stomach and jean legs. I took pictures of the boys trying to stifle a giggle as both Jasmine and Diamond looked at Jack with narrow eyes before going to their sons. I watched as both my boys got spankings as they cried saying ‘ No mommy’.

“ No playing with your food.” Diamond says to Dakota

“ Same for you Greg.” Jasmine says spanking his little butt

After the spanking’s the ladies hand the boys to Jack who looks at them confused.

“ Since you gave them a idea you get the honor of giving them a bath.” Jasmine says a Diamond nods in agreement

“ But…” He tries to say but is cut off

“ No but’s about it bro you give them a bath.” Jasmine says with authority as he looks at his nephew’s

We watched as Jack smirked looking at Batman. He lets the boys down before he looked at Batman with a nod. At that moment Batman went to the boys and started licking Lil Greg first getting his buddy to sit on the floor. My son was chuckling to the licks his doggy was giving him as Batman was tongue bathing him licking the cake off his face.

“ Jack that is cheating and you know it.” Jasmine says trying to keep a straight face

“ Sis you said a bath you didn’t say what kind of bath.” He says getting her with his remark

“ You smart ass you know what kind I meant. Now take my son’s to their bathroom and give them a decent bath….NOW.” Jasmine says with a bit of anger

“ Sis.” Jack tried to say but cut off by Diamond

“ You heard her little bro get moving.” She says as he looked at them both

“ Mom?” Jack says looking at Faye

“ Don’t ask me for help I have a birthday dinner to make while you have a bath to give.” She says with a giggle

“ Fine, Batman stop, come here boys Uncle Jacky has to give you both a bath.” My brother says picking them up

As he walked away towards the living room I laughed not able to hold it as everyone joined me. I looked at all the pictures I had of the day and thought of something that put a smile on my face. As Faye and Hannah went to start dinner Adam went to help Jack and to make sure he was GIVING the boys a bath. The rest of us went in the living room to talk. I sat on the couch with Jasmine and Diamond taking seats next to me. Kaye sat in my chair enjoying the day with us. We talked about Christmas. Kaye was looking forward to the day as she hasn’t fully enjoyed a Christmas in a long time. We gave her sad looks in which she waved off saying ‘ It’s ok as I feel at home and feel loved’.

Dinner came and went as the boys ate, but needed another bath after eating mash potatoes with gravy. So the ladies took it upon themselves to clean the little squirts. While they did that I went to my computer desk in the bedroom and started downloading the pictures from my phone to my laptop. I had three jump drives to load as well send off. Once the pictures were downloaded I started with each jump drive placing the pictures I thought those that I still cared about would enjoy seeing. Once I had all three done which took a little while I placed them in three separate envelopes with a letter that mostly said ‘ I hope you enjoy these pictures and from my family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’. I placed stamps on the corner before addressing the letter only to leave mine off. Once done I took the three envelopes down to the living room to tell Jack I needed a favor. He saw the envelopes and smirked.

“ Tennessee?” He asked as I nodded as he nodded taking them telling me tomorrow

That night as I placed Lil Greg in his bed as Diamond placed Dakota next to him. We stood looking at their faces that held smiles.

“ They are so happy baby.” Jasmine tells me as Diamond agrees with a nod

“ Yes they are and I hope they always will be.” I state taking each women’s hand leading them to our room

Once in the room Diamond shut the door while Jasmine led me to the bed only to have me sit on the edge. They both stripped down to nothing before double teaming on me. I grinned knowing what they wanted as I wanted the same. Once my jeans were off as well as my boxers. Jasmine got on her knees between my legs wrapping her hand around my cock while Diamond pushed me down before straddling my face giving me her beautiful pussy to play with. That night was us becoming one. I came so much in them both that they put their panties back on keeping my cum inside them as we went to sleep hours later.

The next few days went by with shopping and work. Kaye and I were busy. It seems there have been a few companies snooping around my business. I was sent a email followed by a call. The owner of a company just down in North Carolina wanted to buy me out, but keep me on as President of sales. I told him I wasn’t interested until he gave me a number. Kaye stood listening with a concerned look. I thought of his offer and only asked if I could think on it until after Christmas. He responded saying that would not be a problem as he understood it was a big step. He also promised to keep everyone on board as to say why kill something that works. I agreed as we said our goodbyes hanging up. Kaye kept looking at me with concern before speaking.

“ What are you going to do?” She asked as I shrugged

“ I guess think on it. Hell the amount would help all of you in my family.” I answer getting a weak nod

“ Heath it’s not the money that we love you. It’s who you are hun.” Kaye tells me as I smile

“ I know Kaye, but still I have this vision if you want to call it that of how I see our family. Plus it will help send the boys and what other kids we all have through college.’ I exclaim getting a agreeable nod

As Kaye left my office I sat back in my chair lowering my head to think. Did I want to sell something I started or keep it for my son’s or daughter’s to run. I smirked at my comment of having more kids. As it was both Lil Greg and Dakota were my son’s even though Dakota was a nephew he was also a son to me. I shrugged the thought of selling for now as I had a Christmas to think upon.

Christmas eve was finally here as the day went by I find myself standing from the stairs to see two boys sitting up around 11 p.m. leaning against each other sleeping. They wanted to wait for Santa, but were to tired to do so. Jack and Adam came into the living room dressed to follow me to the warehouse to get the presents we put there. I didn’t want the boys to get curious and open what was wrapped. Jasmine and Diamond came down to see what I did as they giggled.

“ Go baby we will take care of our little men, but hurry my love you got two gifts to unwrap early.” Jasmine says as my brothers chuckle

“ Get a room jeez.” Jack says as Adam smacks him on the back of the head before he continued “ Ok that is getting old. Can we go now before dawn gets here.”

I nodded taking both Jasmine and Diamond into each arm giving them a kiss each. I looked at each of them to see their eyes sparkle.

“ I love you both so much.” I tell them to see tears with smiles

“ We love you to baby. Now go as I want that sexy body on top of me making love to me.” Diamond says as she squeezes my ass

I chuckle as the guys and I leave. It takes us about two trips as everyone was having a nice Christmas this year, but mostly the boys. Once we were done around 12:30 a.m. on a early Friday morning. I was dragged to bed by two women who wanted me bad. Once in our room as always I am stripped of everything and shoved on the bed. both wore robes which came off showing only skin underneath. Diamond started in getting me hard as I watched Jasmine put on a strap on. I gave her a confused look as she giggled.

“ Baby we’re taking Diamond together. You get her pussy as I take her ass. She wants to be DPed by us. Then tomorrow night I will get DPed by you both.” Jasmine tells me as Diamond gets me up

It’s at that moment that Diamond takes me out of her mouth to look at me while stroking my cock as Jasmine lube’s up the dildo strap on.

“ I want you baby so much. I want to be used tonight and fucked silly.” Diamond says as she puts her ass in the air as Jasmine put’s lube Diamonds anal love hole

After getting prepared Diamond straddles me taking my dick into her with a moan.

“ Oh god….it’s so big.” Diamond says with a moan

“ No honey your just tight.” Jasmine says moving behind her

“ Please baby…give me a minute…..I need to adjust.” Diamond says laying down on me

I place my arms around Diamond as Jasmine places her hands on Diamonds hips. I see my girlfriend smile as she moves up to place the fake cock up against her lovers anal hole.
“ You ready my sexy girlfriend as I want your sexy ass.” Jasmine says asking as Diamond moans

“ Yesss baby….Fuck me.”Diamond says becoming our whore for the night

Jasmine starts to work the cock dildo into Diamond as I slowly thrust up into her. After just a few minutes Diamond has two dicks in her.

“ Oh shit…..I feel full….Please fuck me….with love.” Diamond says as Jasmine and I smile doing just that

We both get in a rhythm as Diamond moans. I hold on to her as she sucks on my neck. Her pussy clamps down on my shaft to give me more stimulation. I can feel Jasmine thrusting in and out of our lover who is writhing in my arms. She stops sucking on my neck to raise up to look in my eyes with desire. As she moves back and forth my shaft and Jasmine’s dildo she speaks.

“ Heath, Jasmine….I have to confess something.” She says moaning placing her head on my chest

“ What’s that sexy slut.” Jasmine asks being playful

“ I….love….you…both…so….very…MUCHHHHH!” Diamond says loudly as she cums

“ We love you to baby, and cum on your lovers cock.” Jasmine says as we pound her holes faster

“ OH SHIT….I’M CUMMINGGG…!” Diamond says as I feel my balls tighten

“ SO AM I..OH FUCK!” I say thrusting deep up into Diamond

“ Oh damn that is sexy. I can’t wait until tonight.” Jasmine says as my cum erupts deep into Diamond hitting her womb

Jasmine quickly takes her dildo out of Diamond’s ass to only move up to us. We place our lips together in a 3 way kiss as Diamond and I come down from our orgasm highs. After Dubai Escorts catching our breathes we fall asleep in a embrace as Diamond stays laying on me as Jasmine lays on my right cuddled up tight against me. That night I sleep very happy and satisfied.

The next morning we hear footsteps running to the door. It was a good thing we woke up early or who ever it was running might have needed therapy. The door open before two little boys came running in to find Jasmine, Diamond, and I all laying together. They both climbed on the bed crawling to us.

“ Daddy Santa showed up.” Lil Greg says with a smile that melted my heart

“ He did that’s cool son, but we have to wait until everyone is up ok.” I say getting a nod until Dakota jumped on on Diamond and I

“ Merri Cwristmas daddy and mommies. I wuv you.” Dakota says as we all hold him and Lil Greg

“ We love you and Lil Greg too, but I am your uncle Kota.” I tell him as he looks up at me

“ No you Daddy. You always be daddy.” Kota says as a tear comes to my eyes

“ He right daddy.” Lil Greg says as I pull them to me

“ I love you both too so much. Merry Christmas to you both.” I say as they both hold my neck tight

Jasmine and Diamond both smile big as I see Faye and Hannah do the same.

“ Ok boys let your parents get up. Come with momma Hannah and Grammie Faye to make them some coffee.” Faye says as I let the boys go

I watch as they crawl to the foot of the bed to only get picked up by my momma Faye and our sister.

“ Hurry daddy and mommies.” Lil Greg said as we watched them leave

Both Jasmine and Diamond snuggle up to me being concerned.

“ You ok baby?” Diamond asks as I nod

“ Yes, but how do you feel about Kota calling me daddy?” I ask as she raises to look in my eyes

“ Heath sugar I am ok with it really. Hannah and I see it this way he has a daddy and three mommies as Lil Greg as the same. They have the best uncles they could have with Jack and Adam. And a aunt that they love to death as well as a grandmother. So you just need to get that into your head. Now come on I want coffee.” Diamond tells me explaining how she felt

I watched as they got up and crawled off the bed. I laid there for a few seconds before following only to take their hands into mine leading them down to the living room to see our boys camping out by the tree. They were staring at the gifts that lined up around the tree. I chuckled as I noticed their eyes sparkling so bright with curiosity. I made my way over to them whispering into their ears. They both looked at me before standing up running to their uncles rooms. Jasmine came over to me playfully slapping my arm.

“ Your brothers are going to beat you for sending them in there.” Jasmine tells me as I chuckle shrugging my shoulders

“ Oh well they need to get up anyway.” I say as I retake her hand then Diamond’s making our way into the kitchen

As I took my place at the table Jasmine and Diamond went to fix us some cups of coffee. I sat there watching the the four ladies fixing cups of coffee while talking. I couldn’t help but feel a warmth come over me. Like this was why I was here at this moment being surrounded by those that loved me. I felt happy inside knowing this was going to be a great day. I heard what sounded like little feet coming into the kitchen as my sons you might say came in to me. They each were reaching for me as I shook my head picking them both up. Batman looked up at me as I shook my head as he knew to lay down in which he did. It was at that moment that I heard Jack and Adam come walking in.

“ Bro you going to get it later.” Jack says as Adam chuckle

“ Yeah well you needed to get up anyway. Your nephews are getting impatient and want their gifts now.” I say with a chuckle as the boys did the same

After getting my coffee we all went back into the living room to open the gifts that laid under the tree.

“ Wait where is Kaye?” Jasmine asked as the boys looked at each other before getting up to get their aunt

Like I said they were smart for their age. As we waited Diamond and Jasmine snuggled up to me placing kisses on my cheek as I was slumped back some. I looked at them both to see smiles. Jasmine moved her lips to my ear to only whisper.

“ Heath my love I want you to know you are the best thing that has happened to me. I don’t want no other man……only you. So later I want to ask you something that will make that permanent.” She tells me bringing my curiosity up

“ And what would that be?” I asked turning to whisper in her ear

“ Not right now baby I will ask after we watch our babies open their gifts.” She tells me as the rest of our family shows meaning Kaye

The boys went back to where they were sitting waiting for Adam to hand them some gifts. Kaye went to get some coffee as Faye and Hannah gave each other a Christmas kiss. I smiled knowing they were showing their affection as Jasmine and Diamond did to each other as well to me. We might have a weird relationship to some, but our family didn’t care as they knew we loved them as well. Once Kaye was back Adam started passing out gifts. The boys tore into their gifts the best they could. Kaye shook her head getting down with them to help. I smiled knowing she was becoming closer to them. As gifts were being passed around I saw smiles on everyone’s faces. I looked over to see Faye holding up see through lingerie in which Hannah got her. I chuckled knowing they were being naughty this year. Jasmine and Diamond both smiled as they both held up matching necklaces saying I love you and my name. I had to show them where my faithfulness was with them. I opened up a necklace with the initials D and J with a heart in the middle. I looked over at Jack to see him holding up a jersey with his name as did Adam. they smiled knowing it looked like mine from a few years back. The boys were all smiles as they got toys plus educational toys as a speak and spell, and as well leap frogs that will help them more.

After about a 30 minutes of opening gifts I stood up making my way over to the urn that held May’s picture. I reached behind to get 9 small boxes. I handed them out to everyone even the boys that sat on the floor smiling. I sat back down between Diamond and Jasmine as everyone opened the gifts. Kaye turned to look at me confused.

“ Heath what is this hun?” She asked as Jasmine went over to her

“ Kaye this is a tradition that my baby started years ago with our Grandma. Every year he takes a picture that means so much to him and gives it to us in a locket. It’s always the shape of a heart showing his love. So in that box is his heart to you. He loves you as a sister so wear it with love.” Jasmine explains as Kaye looks at me then at the box in her hand

I watch her open it before she pulls the chain out. It’s at that moment she opens the heart locket to see not one picture but two. She brings a hand to her mouth as tears start to fall. She starts to cry before looking down at the pictures.

“ What’s wrong Kaye honey?” Hannah asks as Kaye looks at her

“ I…I have never felt this much love in a long time. All this is so new to me. I love you all so much.” Kaye says as Jasmine scoots over to her new sister holding her

“ We love you to sis and always will. Now dry them tears as we have two boys that need help putting theirs on.” Jasmine says as Kaye smiles ending the embrace

Both of them turn to see both boys looking at their heart lockets.

“ Mommy what is this?” Lil Greg asks as she giggles

“ Well honey this is like your daddy’s love in the shape of his heart.” She tries to explain as he looks at me worried

“ But doesn’t daddy need it mommy Jazzy.” Dakota asks getting laughs

“ No baby boy it’s just a symbol of how much he loves you. Now let Auntie Kaye put it on you.” Diamond answers as Jasmine nods to Kota

Everyone puts their necklaces on as I stand going back to the urn placing one next to the one with May. I stand there for a moment before returning her smile. As I turn to see everyone looking at me with some concern. Both boys even show some concern as they come over reaching up to me. I pick them up as they hug me before Dakota turns to look at the picture of May.

“ Is that grammie May?’ He asks catching all of us off guard

“ How did you know her name son?” I ask as he looks into my eyes

“ She talks to Gregie and I.” Dakota says as I look at his stunned

“ She said to keep our daddy happy.” Lil Greg says as I look at him

“ She also said she loves you daddy.” Dakota tells me as I feel tears come to my eyes

“ Don’t cry daddy we wuv you too.” Lil Greg says as Jasmine and Diamond come over to us

“ Come on boys play with your toys.” Diamond says as I return to sit down

“ Come on Hannah and guys lets start Christmas dinner and Breakfast.” Momma Faye says as they get up and go into the kitchen

Kaye looks worried as Jasmine goes over to her whispering as I see Kaye nod as Diamond takes my hand helping me up. I am led up the stairs followed by Jasmine. Once into our bedroom I am being seated on the bed. Both sit on either side of me holding me after.

“ Baby please calm down before you pass out.” Jasmine tells me while holding me

“ Yes darling calm down. What’s wrong anyway baby?” Diamond asks as I look at each of them

“ I miss her so much. She gave me a look at what a family is. She helped me open up again. She gave me everything you see around. I loved her as my grandmother.” I say with tears to them

“ Yes she did, but you gave her something that no one else did a renewed love on life after all you told us. And look at you now your filling this house with a family she can love from heaven. Honey she is not gone as she is in your heart. Heath my love you, Diamond, and I gave her two great grand babies she can watch over day and night. Even our fathers are watching them. Please my darling calm down as we need you so much.” Jasmine tells me as I see Diamond nod with a small smile

“ Heath she is right we need you. I love you baby brother as your sister and lover. I will always be here for you regardless of whatever happens. You, Jasmine, and Hannah have my heart and love. I love our family as well. And OUR sons will grow up knowing who their father is. They will be just like you caring and loving their family. And the kids we have between now and until the next will know what it’s like to have a family. Baby please feel my love…our love.” Diamond says as I pull them close to me

“ Thank you both as I do feel your love…..all your love.” I say feeling them smile before continuing “ So what did you want to ask Jasmine?”

Jasmine breaks the hug before getting in my lap. She looks at Diamond then into my eyes.

“ Baby my love I want to get another tattoo and a pussy piercing.” She tells me making my right eye brow to raise

“ Um ok but why?” I ask with some confusion

“ Well I want your name in a heart on my left breast. And for the piercing I want a small H on my pussy. As a symbol that I am yours.” Jasmine explains as I look in her eyes deeply

“ So you want to make it known that I am your man?” I ask as she nods

“ Yes baby so can I? Diamond said she will do the tattoo while Hannah pierces my pussy.” Jasmine tells me as I look at Diamond who nods

“ Yes baby I will be the one to do the tattoo. While Hannah pierces mine too, but mine will have two meaning’s you and Hannah. Hannah is also going to tattoo three hearts on my left tittie with all three of your names as I belong to you three only.” Diamond says as I think for a moment

“ So no one else will see these tattoos or piercing?” I ask getting no’s

I look at them both with a straight face then a smile.

“ I think that would be cool, but don’t ask me to um pierce you know what.” I say getting giggles from them

“ Oh hell no that beautiful cock is ours anyway. And if it hides in another woman she has to beg for it.” Jasmine says as we all laugh

After a few minutes of actually love being held we rejoin the others to continue our day as a family. Kaye comes up to me placing her arms around me. She asks if I am ok and I nod telling her I am. The boys are distracted playing with their toys, but I am shocked as it’s their leap frogs. I go over to ask why and they tell me.

“ Daddy we want to be smart like you and mommies.” Lil Greg says as I smile

I let them be as Batman lays between them watching them play.

The day goes by as we watch movies as a family. Around 6 p.m. we enjoy our Christmas dinner which was very good. As night came the boys fell asleep on the floor holding their leap frogs. Adam and I picked them up as Lil Greg spoke.

“ Daddy wuv you.” He says cuddling into my chest

I smile as we go up to take them to their beds. That night Diamond and I do DP Jasmine switching after each time I cum. We finally sleep around 2 a.m in the morning as Jasmine snuggles up to me with a smile on her face as Diamond lays on me. I smile as these two beauties are really knocking the wall down around my heart as does my family.


Ellie’s POV: Day after Christmas

I am sitting in my chair around 10 a.m. listening to the conversations of my family. They all stayed the night as we enjoyed it with Karen and Lil Heath opening their gifts yesterday. Karen and Lil Heath are playing in his room until I hear footsteps running down. They run past my chair going to Tiffany. I notice Karen holding something as she shows it to Tiffany.

“ Mommy who is this man?” Karen asks as I see her mothers eyes grow wide

“ That…that is your daddy.” Tiffany answers as I get up quick making my way over to grab the picture

“ Momma Ellie where did you get that? That picture looks fairly recent.” Tiffany asks as Karen comes over to look at what is in my hands

“ No sweetie you can’t.” I try to say as Karen looks up at me with a smile

“ But he is the one that gave me that ice cream cone.” Karen says as my eyes go wide

“ Are you sure baby girl?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes he was really nice and caring.” Karen says as Tiffany, Selena, and Chris look at us parents

“ What is going on? Do you all know where Heath is?” Chris asks as Mike and them look at me worried

I stand there as Karen looks at the picture that is showing away from me.

“ Look Heathie it’s my daddy with two little babies. I wonder if they are my brother’s?” She says asking as my mind goes into worry

“ Dammit now the kids know. What am I going to say to them? How do I tell them? Please Greg help me some how?” My thoughts say as I look at each of them

To Be Continued………………………………

Writer’s Notes:

The start of what everyone has been waiting starts next chapter. A reunion starts when a business get’s bought. And a little girl see’s her father from a distance. I hope everyone still enjoys this series as it’s long from over as from here on out confrontations start.

Writer: Hawkrider

Proofreader and editor: tazonda94